The Young and the Restless Spoilers Update: Tuesday, February 23 – Victor’s Ashland Locke Connection – Sally’s Warning Rattles Summer

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Update: Tuesday, February 23 – Victor’s Ashland Locke Connection – Sally’s Warning Rattles Summer

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers update for Tuesday, February 23, reveals that Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) enjoy some flirty banter about Billy’s presentation, his “poetic genius” and some leftover Valentine’s Day chocolate at Chancellor Communications.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) isn’t thrilled to find Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) in her office. Victoria suggests it’s fine, but she quickly adds that Victor’s been dropping by a lot lately.

It can’t just be because Victor’s in the neighbourhood, so Victoria wonders about the real reason for these frequent visits. “I own the place,” Victor says.

Victor contends that he’s an advisor at Newman in case Victoria forgot. With that in mind, Victor wonders if they’re really better off without a media company. In Victoria’s opinion, one could be useful if for no other reason than communicating with the public and customers.

Victoria thinks launching a new media division will require a lot of time and effort, but Victor’s got it all planned out. Victor admits this is how he intends to stick it to Chancellor Communications, but Victoria thinks this is really about going after Billy.

Victoria doesn’t want to target Billy since they share children, but Victor notes that it’s important to keep family and business separate.

Victoria doesn’t buy that idea coming from Victor, but he points out that Victor seems to have rekindled her fondness for “Billy Boy.” That leads Victoria to wonder if that’s why Victor is going after Billy now.

Victor contends that he told Billy he’d have to pay for the exposé he did on Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) – and he keeps his promises. “And if it drives a wedge between me and Billy, all the better…right?” Victoria says.

Victoria insists that Adam has done way more damage than Billy, but Victor argues that this isn’t about Adam. Victoria doesn’t think this is about Billy either – not anymore.

Back with Billy, he tells Lily about Ashland Locke’s media company called Cyaxares. Billy thinks it would be a good acquisition for them and explains why he thinks so.

It’s an opportunity to scale up, so Billy promises to offer hard numbers. Billy can’t stop grinning as they talk, so he says his smile hasn’t left his face since Lily told him she was falling in love with him.

Next, Gloria Fisher-Bardwell (Judith Chapman) wants to hit the ground running when she starts her job at Fenmore’s tomorrow.

Lauren Baldwin (Tracey E. Bregman) starts rattling off a list of things she expects once Gloria officially takes over as her executive assistant, but she’s frustrated when Gloria tries to commit to memory instead of writing it down.

Gloria eventually relents and starts digging around for a pen as Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) arrives. Sally greets Gloria and mentions how they met once already. “Twice actually,” Gloria insists. She argues that she never forgets a face.

Sally assures Gloria that she’s always available to answer questions – no matter how busy Sally gets with her new job. “Like what’s that magical device on my desk that rings and voices come out of,” Gloria quips.

Sally keeps trying to offer tips after Lauren leaves, including mentioning how tricky the copier can be. “Please don’t tell me how the copier works,” Gloria says before sipping her coffee.

Sally acknowledges that Gloria is probably overqualified for this position, so Gloria says that’s right – just like Sally was overqualified.

Gloria wants to remind Sally of how the tables could turn. In Tuesday’s Y&R episode, Gloria argues that she could get a promotion of her own and then Sally might end up working for her instead. Sally realizes Gloria doesn’t want her to be so patronizing.

“You see, I have a world of experience, Sally,” Gloria says. Gloria likes to keep track of everyone who’s been naughty and everyone who’s been nice. Sally determines that Gloria reminds her of her great-aunt – the original Sally Spectra (Darlene Conley).

They share drive, ambition and a lack of patience for people who get in their way. Gloria suggests she’s flattered, but maybe she shouldn’t be.

When Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) walks in, he wonders if he’s interrupting. Gloria insists Jack is always a welcome presence and mentions to Sally that she was once Jack’s executive assistant. Gloria purrs that Jack relied on her for everything – “professionally and otherwise.”

Jack says that technically Gloria was Jabot’s receptionist. He doesn’t want to bore Sally with “ancient history,” but Gloria notes that it wasn’t all that long ago. After Lauren summons Gloria to the office, Gloria tells Sally she’ll see her at the watercooler and takes off.

Once Sally’s alone with Jack, she points out that Gloria’s “professionally and otherwise” comment surprised her. “It was a strange time…a strange and brief time,” Jack admits.

Sally feels like Gloria got territorial after Jack showed up, so he alludes to all the exes he has floating around Genoa City – some that he keeps close and others that he tries to keep in the past.

Sally wonders which category Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) falls into and confesses that she thought she picked up on a little something between them. “Nothing gets by you, does it?” Jack asks. Sally smiles and nods slightly.

Jack confesses he was married to Phyllis twice and adds that “things happen.” He notes that Phyllis and Sally have something in common – that when they walk into a room, everybody takes notice.

Jack reflects that mistakes were made and that it was a painful time when his relationship with Phyllis ended.

Jack noted that in the past, people called him a “womanizer.” Now the words “hopeless romantic” are tossed around. Sally knows people must have labels for her, too – so many that they’ve run out of them.

Sally doesn’t like to get boxed in by the idea and likes being a lot of things to different people. From where Jack’s sitting, every side of Sally “seems to be pretty spectacular.”

At Jabot, Kyle looks up photos of Harrison Locke online and pulls up a pic of Harrison with a kite. “It’s so blurry that I can’t see anything,” Kyle says to himself and walks toward the window. When Summer comes in, she wonders who the kid is.

Kyle fibs that a buddy from college sent him a picture of his child before talk turns to Summer taking a trip to LA. Summer has to work out some details with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) and was hoping Kyle could join her. Kyle quickly insists that he can’t and blames it on a big meeting tomorrow.

Summer brings up Sally’s warning about how ruthless Bill Spencer can be. Between that and Kyle’s inability to go, Summer’s wondering if the universe is telling her to skip the trip.

Kyle takes a call and learns two people involved in the meeting can’t make it, so they reschedule. Summer’s thrilled since she assumes that means Kyle can go with her after all. “Yay!” Summer exclaims.

Kyle quickly insists that there are other things he needs to stay in town for. Summer thinks if she didn’t go any better, she’d think Kyle doesn’t want to go with her.

Kyle argues that nothing could be further from the truth. He assures Summer that he’ll join her next time, so she leaves to get them some coffee. Once Kyle’s alone, he zooms in on the fuzzy picture of Harrison and looks troubled.

At Society, Billy texts Lily that he’s falling in love with the idea of having dinner with her. Victoria shows up for takeout and notes that Billy’s mood seems to be the opposite of her own. They share a laugh about the kids before Victoria admits something happened yesterday: Billy hurt her feelings.

Victoria notes that Billy didn’t think Victoria wanted her to be happy – that it was karmic payback for all the times he made her unhappy.

Victoria wonders if Billy really thinks she’d be that vindictive after all this time. Billy apologizes for saying something without thinking about it first.

Before Victoria goes, she says there’s one other thing to discuss – and it’s about her father. Victoria insists Victor is still angry about the article on Adam and that her dad’s determined to come after Billy.

Victoria doesn’t want Billy to dismiss the threat, so he says he’ll consider himself warned. Lily walks in and looks uneasy once she finds the exes talking.

Over with Victor again, he makes a call behind Victoria’s back about negotiating and potentially acquiring the media division that Ashland’s putting up for sale. Back with Billy, he’s upset about a text he receives about Newman going after Cyaxares.

Billy quizzes Victoria about making a move like this, but she grabs her takeout and hastily exits.

Once Billy and Lily are by themselves, Lily thinks something like this feels personal. Billy suggests Victoria seemed caught off guard, so he doesn’t think she was the one behind this move.

Lily feels like Victoria would know about Victor’s plans and feels Billy’s underestimating his ex. Lily wants to prepare for the possibility that they could have not one but two Newmans coming after them.

Victoria returns to Newman, where Victor’s writing her a note with some news. Victoria wonders if it has anything to do with buying a media company from Ashland Locke, so Victor admits it does. Victoria wonders how Victor could pull a move like this behind her back.

Victor argues that Victoria may be CEO, but he still owns “the damn place.” Victoria snaps about how Victor doesn’t see her as a real CEO or trust her feelings about Billy. She grumbles about Victoria being as controlling as he’s ever been – and Victor confirms that’s true.

Meanwhile, Jack asks Sally to have dinner with him just as Summer appears in Crimson Lights. Sally notices, so she loudly declares that she’d love to go to dinner with Jack. Jack promises to make a reservation at Society and meet up with Sally later.

After Jack leaves, Summer tells Sally about her LA trip. “Were you not listening when I warned you about him?” Sally asks. Summer wonders if maybe Sally just wanted to wreck their deal, but Sally was genuinely trying to help Summer.

Sally feels like maybe she was too vague, so she runs down the list of things Bill did to her – like writing numerous hateful things about her line in his publications, setting fire to the Spectra building, blowing it up with her inside and reneging on his deal to rebuild it.

Sally tells Summer to have fun at her meeting with the “vile, power-hungry bastard” – because Sally knows she’ll have fun at her dinner with Jack.

At Jabot, Kyle makes a call about securing the Jabot jet for a flight to New York. If possible, Kyle wants to leave first thing tomorrow.

Summer comes in and updates Kyle on her upsetting conversation with Sally about how vicious Bill is. “You believed her?” Kyle asks. “Yes, she was very convincing!” Summer insists.

Summer considers postponing her trip until she can gather more info, but Kyle convinces her to go meet with Bill – even if she doesn’t make the deal. Summer admits it wouldn’t hurt to go size the guy up.

Back with Jack on Tuesday’s Young and the Restless episode, he heads to Society and is joined by Sally. Although Sally’s excited about dinner, she doesn’t want there to be any confusion.

“Is this a date?” Sally wonders. “You know, I think it actually is,” Jack says with a smile – and Sally smiles in response.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Jack and Sally’s love story is just getting started, but you can bet there’ll be some major threats in the coming weeks. CDL’s where you want to be for the hottest Young and the Restless spoilers, updates and news, so check back regularly for more Y&R details.