American Idol Recap 04/04/22: Season 5 Episode 8 “Showstopper/Final Judgment”

American Idol Recap 04/04/22: Season 5 Episode 8 "Showstopper/Final Judgment"

It’s another exciting night of American Idol on ABC tonight with an all-new Sunday, April 4, 2022, season 5 episode 8 called “Showstopper/Final Judgment” and we have your weekly American Idol recap below. On tonight’s American Idol season 5 episode 8 as per the ABC synopsis, “Following a competitive Hollywood Week, the search for the next American Idol continues with the Showstoppers round. Taking the stage for their first time with a band, Idol hopefuls sing their hearts out in their last chance to make it into the coveted Top 24.

In the Final Judgment, two pairs of contestants face off in a sing-off with judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie, sealing their fate for the next round.

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Tonight’s American Idol episode begins with the 59 contestants leaving it all on the stage for this important performance, and for the first time, they will sing for a live audience while the judges have a birds-eye view.

Leah Marlene sings “I’m A Self-Made Man,” by Larken Poe. The judges are impressed when they see her twinning on the guitar. She gets a standing ovation from the judges and Katy says she was the guitar queen. She makes it to the top 24.

Jay is next and he dropped out of grad school to apply on American Idol. His audition showed him that it was worth it and he was one of the Platinum Ticket holders. He sings “Jay Of Hearts” by Christina Perri. Katy doesn’t remember him being so Broadway. She tells him that there is a lot of talent on the show. Then she tells him that he is almost a perfect singer, he looks like a star, keeps it a little more soulful and dirty in the future. He makes it to the top 24.

Nicolina is up next and she is singing, “Rolling In The Deep,” by Adele. She is a university from Toronto, Canada. She kills it, Luke has goosebumps. Katy welcomes her immediately to the top 24, no talking with Nicolina, she sealed he deal.

Emyrson Flora is really nervous, she has only sung on TikTok and is a high school student. She sings “Honey,” by Kehlani. She feels like she laid it all on the stage. She makes it to the top 24.

Ryleigh Madison is also nervous, she found the duet round very challenging. She is singing, “Blue,” by LeeAnne Rimes and she is also a high school student. She doesn’t make it through, she is sent home. Lionel tells her that they don’t have room for her. Katy says she thinks in a few years she is going to get exactly what she dreamed of.

Katyrah Love was feeling prepared for the show stopper round, she sang, “Sweet Thing,” by Rufus & Chaka Khan. Katy called out her name before she started that kickstarted her. The judges were really impressed with the high notes, but Katy says she doesn’t need all those tricks in a row. Luke tells her to showcase her personality through her music. She has not sung flawlessly, but she made it to the top 24. Katy tells her that she sings like Whitney.

Texas native is singing an original song called, “Inconsequential Love,” he wrote it for his little sister who is his kindred spirit. When he got off the stage Katy was standing and he knows that she was listening. Katy tells him that seven out ten times singing an original song doesn’t work. He made it to the top 24, and he is overwhelmed with emotion.

Jacob Moran and Allegra Miles also made it to the top 24.

Ava Maybee sings “Falling,” by Harry Styles. Katie says it was a perfect performance. Cameron Whitcomb sings “It Ain’t Me Babe,” by Johnny Cash. The two have become best friends. Katy tells Cameron that he is a head-scratcher and needs to put it in ten thousand hours, and he has made it to the top 24.

Ava is joined by Yoli Mayor who sang, “Human” by rum. gold. The judges came up with an idea to satisfy all of them, they want to do a sing-off on the spot. They both perform acapella and the judges are very impressed, this is not something that is easy to do. This is the first time the judges have done this, these two are pioneers. Ava makes it to the top 24 and Cameron is there to hug and hold on to her when she comes out. Yoli does not make it.

Also leaving the Idol family are Douglas Mills Jr., Sam Moss, and Betty Maxwell.

Sir Blayke is next, he sings “Honesty,” by Pink Sweat$. Katy wanted one little notch more. He made it to the top 24. Kate tells him that he is going to find 100% of his confidence when he returns to the stage. He is in shock, he can’t believe they saw something in him.

Elli Rowe and Mike Harper also make it to the top 24.

Tristen Garrett sings, “Come Together,” by The Beatles and puts on an amazing show. He definitely played the crowd. Katy wasn’t sure about the vocals. Lionel tells him that he is a work in progress, he is turning into the artist that he always wanted to be. He found his identity and he is going to be in the top 24. Katy welcomes him to the freak show.

Next we see various artists who the judges thought chose the wrong song, Katy calls it “death by song.”

Christian Guardino sings “Sex on Fire,” by Kings of Leon. He makes it through to the top 24.

Dontrell Briggs is performing “Hello,” by Lionel Ritchie. Lionel tells him that he did not make it to the 24, but the experience will be invaluable in his future. Dontrell takes it as a win for him, it is just the beginning.

Noah Thompson is stepping outside the box by singing, “Stay,” by Rihanna. This a huge surprise because he usually sings country. This has always been the dream for him, he wants his son to see that he is going for his dream. Luke applauds him on his song choice. Luke tells hm that he has made it to the top 24.

Cadence Baker makes it to the top 24.

Kelsie Dolin struggles with confidence throughout her idol journey. She sings, “Before You Go,” by Lewis Capaldi. Before Idol she didn’t talk to anyone, she cared too much about what people thought about her. Lionel says he loves the light that came on in her. She says she feels a lot better in herself. Lionel tells her that she is not in the top 24. Still Kelsie thinks Idol changed her life.

Huntergirl performs and Luke says she is the best country singer in the competition. She made it through to the top 24 and Katy says if she plays her cards right she could win the show.

Sage and Danielle Finn go in to see the judges together and they make it through to the top 24.

Jordan Chase sings, “Cold,” by Chris Stapleton, he did not make it to the top 24.

Kenedi Anderson sings, “Talking to the Moon,” by Bruno Mars. She was one of the Platinum Ticket winners. She makes it through to the top 24.

Scarlet wows the judges in her performance, she thinks it is one of the best that she has ever done. Lionel tells her that the duets was chaos. She says she was grateful that she made it through and got to redeem herself. He tells her that she is in the top 24.

Lady K is singing, “I’d Rather Go Blind,” by Etta James. Lionel tells her that he heard that she was homeless. He tells her that after a certain point it is not if she can sing, it is if she can handle the competition. She made it to the top 24. Lionel tells her that she made it from tough times to be an inspiring person.

Dan Marshall sings, “Hard Workin’ Man,” by Brooks & Dunn. The first time he has played with a band. He goes in with Dakota Hayden who sings, “Pretty Heart,” by Parker McCollum. The two do a sing-off, Dakota sings and plays the guitar. Dakota doesn’t make it through, they think he needs a few more years, he is only 17. Dan Marshall makes it through to the top 24.

The top 24 will be going to Aulani Disney resort & Spa in Hawaii where they will be performing.