General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Wright Shuts Down ‘Horrible LIE’ About Roger Howarth

General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Wright Shuts Down ‘Horrible LIE’ About Roger Howarth

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos) recently shut down a fan’s “horrible lie” about Roger Howarth (ex-Todd Manning & Franco Baldwin, currently Austin Gatlin Holt), which led to her sharing the truth about working together.

Wright set the record straight and did her best to stop the spread of Twitter falsehoods, so let’s talk about how this social media exchange played out.

The trouble started when Wright remained tagged in a lengthy thread under GH Executive Producer Frank Valentini’s tweet.

There were some hateful comments directed at Wright, so she spoke out against one about her working relationship with Howarth.

Wright couldn’t stand by and watch the spread of misinformation when it came to how she felt about a costar.

“I@think Roger HOWARTH should be in that count!” one fan said in response to another tweet about deserving more episodes and airtime. “He’s an awesome actor, people love working with him except LW. I now understand why Some people don’t want to be in her presence on GH.”

Wright quoted that tweet and insisted the accusation regarding Howarth wasn’t true at all. “This is a horrible LIE,” Laura Wright said. “I LOVED working with Roger !!! Carly and Todd were a fav of mine !! Stop spreading lies.”

Of course, this tends to be a real problem on social media. Some fans think they can spout off anything and make it true, but they don’t always have the real story.

Wright felt passionate enough about this to speak up and let everyone know how she really felt, so she made her stance crystal clear.

It’s one thing to disapprove of Carly’s words and actions. Characters are fair game, but it’s unfair to target actors without having all the facts.

Laura Wright obviously wanted to combat that issue and pipe up in defense of her working relationship with Roger Howarth, so it’s good that she clarified where she stood.

General Hospital spoilers say some Carly chaos is still to come on the ABC soap, so stay tuned.

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