The Royal Highland Show 2022: Queen Elizabeth Takes A Top Agricultural Prize

The Royal Highland Show 2022:  Queen Elizabeth Takes A Top Agricultural Prize

The Royal Highland Show probably gave Queen Elizabeth something to smile about this year. And, she could use things that make her smile after a horrible year-and-a-half. For years, now she has entered the show, but this time, it was extra special. In fact, it was the 200th Anniversary of the first time the event was held.

Royal Highland Show A Nice Distraction For Queen Elizabeth

The Queen always loved farming and she kept up the tradition of breeding Highland cattle. If you don’t know, the family began doing that back when Queen Victoria sat on the throne. Actually, when she’s out and about on her horses or wandering around the Balmoral estate, she often looks like she found her happy place there. Given all the bad press about her grandson Prince Harry, maybe she wishes she could just farm full-time.

The Royal Highland Show news that she won an award comes amidst fears for her health. Additionally, she probably still mourns he husband Prince Phillip who passed away last year. Actually, they shared a common bond and they both loved the farming lifestyle. Making it even better, it’s the second year in a row that one of their beloved cattle took a major prize home.

Royal Highland Show 2022 Is An Annual Affair

The news that Queen Elizabeth won an award for the second time in a row came via The Telegraph, UK on Sunday. The outlet noted, that “Gusgurlach of Balmoral, a three-year-old Highland cattle bull, won [the] top prize at the Royal Highland Show for the second year in a row.”

The beautiful animal is a nice reddish color and belongs to Queen Elizabeth’s special breeding herd. The cattle were the first registered breed and they come in different shades of color. Actually, there was once a famous black fold belonging to the MacNeils of Barra.

The Royal Highland Show is the best place to showcase the breed and people love seeing the animals. Actually. there’s a lot more than cattle and all sorts of agricultural products are on display at the popular event.

Showcasing The Best In Food farming And Rural Lifestyles

When people think of the UK, often they think of Queen Elizabeth, London, traffic, red buses, and cold weather. But there is much more to life there and the annual Royal Highland Show is a good one for people to put on their bucket list. In fact, these days, people who go there find so much to see and do, that an app is now available to help people navigate around.

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