The Bold and the Beautiful Next 2 Weeks: Eavesdropper’s Juicy Secret, Romantic Surprises and Takedown Plot

The Bold and the Beautiful Next 2 Weeks: Eavesdropper’s Juicy Secret, Romantic Surprises and Takedown Plot

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers for the next two weeks, September 18 to September 29, reveal that some shocking moments are on the way. The week of September 18-22 will bring a confrontation between Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) since Brooke’s about to catch her daughter scantily clad in the design office with Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson).

Meanwhile, Eric Forrester (John McCook) will defend his legacy line to Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor), who’ll ultimately assure Eric of his support despite his concerns about the feud that’s blowing up with Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye).

Plus, there’ll be some Logan sister clashing since Katie Logan (Heather Tom) and Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) will land firmly on “Team Eric.”

Brooke will get into an argument with Donna and Katie since she’ll obviously be in Ridge’s corner.

Next, Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri) will deliver a powerful plea to Hope.

We’ll also see Douglas affect Thomas emotionally when he roots for his parents to be a couple so they can all be a united family.

Over with Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda), she’ll push John “Finn” Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) to find a way to get rid of Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) permanently.

That’ll lead to Finn’s big decision, so he may resolve to nail down an elimination plot of some sort.

Meanwhile, Sheila will be at Deacon Sharpe’s (Sean Kanan) place when Hope shows up out of the blue, so Sheila will have to hide until the coast is clear.

Later, Sheila will make a choice when it comes to Finn.

Instead of accepting that they’ll never be close like Deacon’s been suggesting, Sheila may dig her heels in and decide she has to form the mother-son bond she’s craving.

When Hope meets back up with Thomas, she’ll find that Douglas has prepared a romantic surprise for them.

Douglas will set up a lovely little dinner and hope it brings his parents together.

That’ll lead to some private time for Thomas and Hope, so he’ll dote on her as usual.

Hope will enjoy feeling Thomas’ total devotion since that’s something she never truly felt with Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton).

Back with Sheila and Deacon, their relationship will take a stunning turn.

Deacon’s going to make a bold move to prove his love for Sheila soon – and we know a controversial engagement is on the way for a duo on canvas.

Does that mean Deacon will propose to Sheila and plan to be a real couple with her out in the open?

Regardless, B&B fans can definitely expect some exciting developments in the romance department.

During the week of September 25-29, RJ Forrester (Joshua Hoffman) will face a difficult predicament related to Eric.

Perhaps RJ will be torn since he promised to keep Eric’s arthritis and hand tremors under wraps, but that’s important info that might affect his fashion battle with Ridge.

As Ridge and Eric’s conflict escalates, RJ will get caught in the middle whether he likes it or not.

That could leave RJ wondering if it was a mistake to fuel Eric’s fire for this grand finale collection.

Elsewhere, The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say an eavesdropper will uncover a juicy secret, so who will that be and what will they learn?

It’s possible Sheila could overhear Liam talking to Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) about his stolen kisses with Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). That would certainly be a huge secret for Sheila to blab to Finn.

However, this could just as easily involve the secret that Luna Nozawa (Lisa Yamada) is keeping.

Someone warned Luna away from the Forresters, so maybe fans will find out who barked the order over the phone.

It’s possible Luna is Li’s niece, so maybe her mother (and Li’s sister) has a problem with her being linked to the Forrester clan.

There might be fears about the connection to Sheila and all the risky chaos that could bring.

Across town, Finn will turn to Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) for support once she returns to Los Angeles.

Taylor will give Finn updates on Steffy’s time in Europe with the kids and console him as he worries about his fractured family.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say the next two weeks will bring some terrific episodes, so stay tuned for more news on what’s ahead.

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