Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner On Saturday Night Live: Can’t Even Pretend to Be In Love – Did He Make Her Do It? (Video)


Did Ben Affleck force his wife Jennifer Garner to go on SNL to defend their marriage? It sure as hell looks like he did….

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have a good and strong marriage. Drawn heart with initials in the middle is what they want you to think. Although, last night on SNL, we were treated to what should have been a cute joke moment between the couple. I say should have been because it could have been taken that way if you were fortunate enough to miss the end of their skit. They hugged each other awkwardly before forcing a kiss and Ben saying something in his wife’s ear that didn’t look lovey dovey. For two supposedly good actors; they couldn’t have at least acted in love better than that?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner On Saturday Night Live: Can't Even Pretend to Be In Love - Did He Make Her Do It? (Video)

Of all the things last night should have been about, what with cast members saying goodbye and Kanye West’s face only showing animation once, I can’t help but to be upset with the couple. I mainly watched the show just to see if Kanye would lose his temper. He didn’t but everyone kind of wished he had. This was Kanye’s first appearance on the show after issuing them an ultimatum. He told SNL to back down on bashing him and his girlfriend. Funnily enough it seems like it worked. Maybe Ben should do the same thing with his marriage or else SNL will slam it down the line.

What hurt Ben and Jen was that they looked forced when after several years of marriage, much less three kids, you would think they would be comfortable by now – but no that’s not them. In their own way, trying to put the speculation to rest only made their performance reek of desperation. Honestly I’m especially curious over what Ben had whispered to her. Was it “get your ass into gear” or maybe “if you do better I’ll give a weekend shopping trip”? Who Knows. But if that’s where the audience’s mind wanders off to then something’s up. Someone needs to spruce up on their body language.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner On Saturday Night Live: Can't Even Pretend to Be In Love - Did He Make Her Do It? (Video)

  • Hey guy you think to much Their marriage is fine .umm Whats next is the world flat or round?? Want something that is important? Try taking a poke at the Veterans Affairs coverups Now that will keep you busy and challenge you … they can get away knowing they are absolutely denglecting patients and they dont care

  • ColleenBrady

    I suggest you go back and watch the end of the episode again because Ben and Jen did not have an awkward kiss, they had a long passionate kiss (looked like tongue was involved even!) and he had his arm around her and she had her arm around him. And when Ben whispered into her ear, how is that not lovey dovey? He has been seen doing that to her for a long time now and many times at the awards shows this season. It’s not even just a whisper, it usually looks more like a kiss to her ear. And one of the cutest moments, which you overlooked because you hate them so much, was when Jen walked out and she tripped and he caught her and he asked if she was okay.

    You hate this couple so much that you even refuse to see things for what they are no matter how visible it may be. Sad.

  • I hope they are ok… love them together!

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