Beyonce’s New Album A Real Game Changer – Stars React (VIDEO)

Beyonce's New Album A Real Game Changer - Stars React (VIDEO)

Leave it to Beyonce to find a brand spankin’ new way to drop her 5th solo album. At midnight Twitter blew up with word that Beyonce had just dropped a 14-track album complete with 17 videos. Forget the standard PR machine that let’s you know sometimes months in advance when a project is coming. Forget dropping previews of a clip or two in order to excite the fans. Instead Beyonce just put it all out there with zero notice and fans and fellow divas alike are loving it.

It’s actually laughable to think that Bey would need publicity anyway. The minute this thing dropped it was bound to be a hit because it was attached to her. The songs themselves are totally different from each other and the video’s contrast each other so well that it looks like 17 different directors were used. Blue is a fun tribute to her daughter Blue Ivy and Heaven is one of Beyonce’s soon to be trademark ballads about losing a friend. I happen to like the edginess of Haunted and Blow has a pretty cool 70′s disco vibe to it. I think it’s kind of impossible not to find something in this mix that you’ll like.

As for changing the game, Bey just proved that perhaps the best way to do it is to quietly do the work and then hand the fans the finished project. Cutting out all of the middle men seems to have made this early Christmas gift even sweeter for her fans. Have you listened to any of Beyonce’s self-titled album yet? What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments below!