Camilla Parker-Bowles Pitches a Jealous Fit at Prince George’s Christening: Queen Elizabeth Shuts Her Down

Camilla Parker-Bowles Pitches a Jealous Fit at Prince George's Christening: Queen Elizabeth Shuts Her Down

Every family has that one person that everyone dreads dealing with and for the royals it’s Camilla Parker Bowles. I’m pretty sure that regardless of what the occasion is, everyone kind of hopes that the Duchess of Cornwall simply decides to stay home. That wasn’t her choice for Prince George’s christening. Instead she was there with bells on, dressed to the nines and full of liquid courage. According to the Nov. 11th print edition of GLOBE even on George’s special day Camilla had to spread her venom.

Camilla is in rarer form than usually because she has finally come to understand that it’ll likely be Prince William that ascends the throne next, not her husband, Prince Charles. She is beyond furious because somewhere in her head Camilla believes that she is entitled to be the next queen because of Charles’ birthright. Her entitlement runs far deeper than her husband’s and she simply can’t contain her anger any longer.

Prince George is part of the reason why William will be the next king, leaving Camilla beyond resentful of the baby and his parents that dared to create him. Camilla holds a special hatred for Kate Middleton who she sees as her rival – as ridiculous as that may sound.

After Camilla was removed


Queen Elizabeth merely had to utter a hello at the royal christening and that was all it really took to set Camilla off. There is no way that the Queen was going to allow anyone to successfully ruin George’s day and she cut Camilla at the knees verbally. The two women exchanged pretty vicious barbs but in the end you don’t get anywhere by arguing with Elizabeth. Camilla can bitch all she wants but in the end Elizabeth will name whomever she chooses to the throne.

Do you think Camilla will ever actually be named Queen Consort or will it be Kate seated beside William on the throne next? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Sue Grainger

    Isn’t it crystal clear to Camilla and Charles that the nation really doesn’t like her????? How can anyone be that dense????? Diana’s death was unforgivable and the very fact that Charles continued to see this woman before, during and after his marriage to Diana absolutely sucks. What chance did she ever have???? If either of them had an ounce of dignity between them, they would just fade into the background never to be heard of again…………..if only this was a perfect world! :(

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  • Victoria McGuire

    It should definitely be William and Kate, Charles knows that. His whore wife, Camilla is a poison to the reputation of the royal family. She should be divorced and banned forever. Please let that happen.

  • Linnie Farris Johnson

    I agree that William and kate should over ride Charles and his so called wife

  • Frances Williams

    Please please please get rid of camilla PB anyway you can and as soon as you can. poison drips from her. All around her need protection and she should be followed 24/7 and monitored closely
    Prince William, Diana’s son, should take the throne next with the wonderful support of his wife, Princess Kate.

  • Andre Coetzee

    I think that William and Catherine are the rightful heirs to the throne. Firstly, they are both young and as far as I can tell empathetic people. Secondly, they both have not divorced from anyone. If Prince Charles succeeds the throne he will succeed as a divorced person. If he should divorce Camilla, he will succeed as a twice-divorced monarch. Clearly a unfit monarch to be head of the Church.