Prince William Chosen Next King As Queen Elizabeth To Abdicate Within The Year: Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles Revolt – Report

Prince William Chosen Next King As Queen Elizabeth To Abdicate Within The Year: Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles Revolt - Report

It looks like Prince Charles’ latest shenanigans and round of shady behavior were the final straw for Queen Elizabeth. He has been exposed as a full blown tax dodger, dishonestly paying a much lower rate than even his own servants do! Charles is a notorious cheapskate so it’s not too shocking to learn that he would try to skip out on his financial responsibilities to the British government and populace. It was pretty foolish when you think about it though, because if his numbers didn’t jive it was going to be fairly obvious.

Anyway, according to the Aug. 5th print edition of GLOBE Magazine Queen Elizabeth has had it with her eldest son. She recently called Charles and his evil mistress wife Camilla in for tea and the dynamic duo believed it was to celebrate Camilla’s recent birthday. Instead they were greeted by a furious Queen who made it clear that she wasn’t going to let Charles destroy the monarchy with his foolishness. In spite of having been groomed to be the next King he was informed that his son Prince William will be on the throne next.

Prince William Chosen Next King As Queen Elizabeth To Abdicate Within The Year: Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles Revolt - Report

Queen Elizabeth then reportedly spoke with Prince William and Kate Middleton. She has made a plan to abdicate by the time their royal son, Prince George turns one year old. Given an opportunity, Elizabeth wants to officially hand power over to William making it clear that he is her choice to rule the country that she loves so much. One year will give her time to get her affairs in order and to allow William and Kate to adjust to parenting their baby. She believes that Kate has breathed life back into the monarchy and that she and William might be the most popular King and Queen in the history of England.

Do you think Charles cares if he is overlooked for the throne? I suspect it matters more to Camilla then Charles. I see her losing her mind while Charles instantly makes peace with the decision and pours himself a brandy. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Prince William Chosen Next King As Queen Elizabeth To Abdicate Within The Year: Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles Revolt - Report

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36 responses to “Prince William Chosen Next King As Queen Elizabeth To Abdicate Within The Year: Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles Revolt – Report”

  1. drdebo cherry says:

    i agree!

  2. EmilyTrainham says:

    Oh wow, William and Kate would be insanely popular.

  3. thebutcher says:

    She’s the queen, she can do whatever the hell she wants. Besides, EVERONE hates douche charles, and piss drunk camilla

  4. sunshine says:

    My thoughts are that you should cease presenting your thoughts as semi-facts. It makes you appear as if you are in the KNOW, when it could not be any further from the truth. You are not a part of the Royal family – so you would not know heads or tails of what they think, are about to do or what they will not do. If you are not presently as busy as you could be, go do something sensible for your Queen and country. Have a nice day!

  5. thebutcher says:

    Then you must be an old drunk just like her. How can you like someone who has made it her life long goal of making kate miserable? I’m still saying she had something to do with diana’s MURDER. it’s common knowledge that she was BEYOND jealous of diana. The people want someone they can trust, charles has proved over and over and over that he CAN NOT be trusted

  6. Victoria McGuire says:

    So sorry Henry you may be British, but the Queen rules and can hand the reigns over to whomever she wishes, passing over Charles. I sure as hell hope she does.

    • Susan says:

      Actually Henry is right. The Queen has no power to decide who succeeds her. The law says that Prince Charles is first in line to the throne, and even the Queen has to obey the law.

    • LadyJustice says:

      Wrong, the Queen is not above the law. Henry is correct. Please, do your homework.

  7. […] to the report, the Queen has promised little Georgie that his father, Prince William, will be the next King of England when she dies, not Prince […]

  8. Mark says:

    If this were real rather than idle gossip to entertain, not educate, I think that due to Prince Charles’ divorce from Diana and subsequent civil ceremony remarriage to the Boggle-Eyed Pisstank would be reason enough for the throne to skip Charles. I doubt he cares. It’s not appropriate for the Head of the Church of England to be joined no in a matrimonial union that wasn’t performed by the Church. Henry VIII moved Heaven and Earth to change laws to accommodate his many marriages and still retain the Throne. I don’t think Prince Charles is that ambitious.

  9. LadyJustice says:

    Thank seems their source is the tabloid the Globe. CDL certainly needs to do their research on Royal History before concocting these ludacris stories.

  10. LadyJustice says:

    Do you know Camilla personally? What you are stating is the farthest from the truth. She isn’t into power. She’s married to the one and only man she’s ever loved. Personally, I don’t care of for her as a person, however she is not the evil creature you write about. She is content on remaining the Countess of Cornwall for the rest of her life as long as she remains by Prince Charles side. She will never be Queen. All of this chatter about how evil she is is beyond ridiculous. Like you know Camilla personally.

  11. Anita says:

    I thought it was put into papers that Camilla couldn’t be Queen of England when her and Charles married.

    • Nem Wan says:

      The laws were not changed and so Camilla by marriage is automatically equal to Diana’s former rank. Nobody says it, but Camilla is the Princess of Wales and will be Queen Consort if her husband is crowned king. However, it has been decided she should avoid styling herself with those titles out of deference to Diana’s memory, so she uses the secondary title Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Consort has been suggested as her title should Charles be king.

  12. Anita says:

    And I also heard that Charles is going to abdicate the throne himself. Which he should. He would not be a fit King. I think William and Kate will make an amazing King & Queen!

  13. Guy Sutton says:

    A point of view from the states(US), I remembering a study I did for extra credit. When the Reining Monarch abdicates, it will go to the next in line unless posessed with a mental or physical challenge and they are passed by a quorum. When The King married the divorcee, remember a huge point, she was an AMERICAN divorcee, which made it mandatory to abdicate. The Queen will have to pass on to Charles and at the same meeting, Charles will abdicate, passing the torch to William and Kate. This way, not only will the Americans trust the monarch(we do not favor Charles(cheap!) and a law breaker, but there will be a formal King and Queen to the throne in a great deal of time. Cheers from across the pond, see ya’s in June ’14…..

  14. Randy111 says:

    I suspect this is a wishful thinking scenario, but it warms the hearts and prejudices of a lot of people.
    If Prince Charles, or his accountant, really is a tax cheat, it doesn’t look good at all, however But how true is that story?
    An inherited political office in a socialist nation is a fragile institution. And :”insane popularity” in such a situation is a plus for sure–until it turns to dislike”–as do all institutions which rely wholly on public opinion.
    Whoever the next monarch of England happens to be, the monarch as host for state parties is not likely to survive unless it re-establishes a base of real authority in the nation’s affairs Not a likely prospect in a socialist nation overrun by immigrants.

  15. Randy111 says:

    Politics and Public opinion forced Edward VII to abdicate, not the law itself.The monarch of England is titular head of the Church of England, and back in those days, Wallis Simpson’s divorced and foreign status did not meet the public’s expectations.

  16. Randy111 says:

    Don’t forget that Princess Diana worked to destroy the monarchy after the divorce, and Rupert Murdock was a major ally. She always got good press.

  17. Lobo Mexicano says:

    Poor Prince Charles! He had very bad parents, who did not care about him, he was forced to marry to a pretty but hysterical Diana Spencer, and now the rumors of being discarded for the British throne!

  18. Lobo Mexicano says:

    If Diana was alived, she would have banged all the male guests to the royal wedding!

  19. Lobo Mexicano says:

    c’mon, Lady Di was a real whore, as defined by the dictionary, she had sex with almost all London!

  20. Lobo Mexicano says:

    God Save Queen Camilla and King Charles III !

  21. Solon Palmyra Grissom says:

    This entire article is a total lie.

  22. Patty Caudle says:

    Her Majesty, The Queen has a good perception of personalities and the world is as well and he has been poor and finances, Camilla certainly is not a goodQueen to be in the Queens throne. Her desires are to have the best person who will serve the country right to replace her. Camilla is still very false in her behavior.

  23. Lobo Mexicano says:

    It seems you are one of the few londoners that did not have sex with her…

  24. Elaine Douglas says:

    Shame dana is dead

  25. Elaine Douglas says:

    Leave Camilla alone and Charles. Both started off married life wrong. If Dana was alive he still would been married to her. So she had to be killed . enabling him to get marry
    The guy Dana was with was not ideal he needed to be a christian.
    Leave the Queen alone and her husband
    Both work very hard


  26. cj says:

    its true it has to go to Charles but I’m sure she has told him that he needs to abdicate it and let it go to William.

  27. Gianmarco Sabato says: