Kate Middleton and Prince William say “Not So Fast” as Camilla Parker-Bowles Vows Publicly To Be Next Queen of England!

Kate Middleton and Prince William say “Not So Fast” as Camilla Parker-Bowles Vows Publicly To Be Next Queen of England!

It has been rumored that Queen Elizabeth is slowly fading as her health continues to decline and her schedule has been greatly cut due to her frail health. She has begun delegating duties and while Kate Middleton sticks by her side Camilla Parker-Bowles has had a completely different agenda. She believes that ruling England is imminent and so she has had a full blown makeover to better look the part of a queen. Chemical peels, a face lift and lipo have all been on Camilla’s agenda and while she looks different it’s certainly not a huge improvement.

According to the May 20th print edition of GLOBE Camilla accompanied Prince Charles to Holland for the crowning of the Netherlands’ new King and she couldn’t help but turn the joyous occasion into a self-absorbed moment. Out of the blue Camilla decided it was necessary to inform everyone within earshot that she WILL be the next Queen of England! She said it emphatically and those nearby were baffled as to why she felt the need to insist on her own Royal status. Then there’s the fact that no one really likes Camilla, she’s simply that person that they have to tolerate out of respect for Charles, so the whole incident read as yet another pathetic misstep on Camilla’s part.

Kate Middleton and Prince William say “Not So Fast” as Camilla Parker-Bowles Vows Publicly To Be Next Queen of England!

According to royal watchers’ her whole existence is about taking a seat on that throne and she’ll stop at nothing to at least try to ensure that it happens. She knows that Queen Elizabeth really would rather see Prince William take the throne ahead of his father so Camilla is constantly working to try and undermine any possibility of that ever happening. Do you think Camilla will get her way and that she and Charles will share the throne next? Or will Elizabeth insist that William and Kate take control of the country that she loves so much? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Kate Middleton and Prince William say “Not So Fast” as Camilla Parker-Bowles Vows Publicly To Be Next Queen of England!

16 responses to “Kate Middleton and Prince William say “Not So Fast” as Camilla Parker-Bowles Vows Publicly To Be Next Queen of England!”

  1. SpringBeauty says:

    Wouldn’t Charles have to abdicate? I’ve read Camilla can be very funny and charming. Maybe if she and Charles had married when they were young, the British people would have loved her? Diana’s memory seems to strong to overcome.

  2. Evie says:


  3. Twilla says:

    I thought if he married a commoner, he would have to give up the throne. Not only that, she is a slutty commoner. Charles only married Diana because she comes from a royal background and he had to produce an heir. After that, he should have faded away. I hope the Queen sees that it would be a big mistake to have Charles as King and if he did, I would hope they would not change Camilla’s title. She should never be known as Queen. She needs to be kept in her place. She will bring nothing but embarrassment to the country and the crown.

  4. keri12 says:

    It’s not possible ANYONE would believe such a ridiculously silly story.

    All the ‘Camilla the alcoholic’ articles are fictional stories created by the Globe specifically to increase their sales, but this story is probably one of the silliest they’ve written so far.

  5. patty c says:

    How humiliating would it be for a nation to have as it’s Queen, the woman their King cheated with and was so infamously recorded as saying he’d love to be where her Tampax was ? I doubt anyone will ever forget that.

  6. Charles would not need to abdicate if Queen Elizabeth turns the throne over directly to Prince William, automatically eliminating his father. thus Kate would automatically be his Queen and their child the immediate next heir to the throne.
    I do hope the Queen executes this privilege ASAP.
    Regardless if Charles some how, god forbid, gained the throne, Camilla would not be Queen she would simply be his Consort, not even Queen Consort, as she is a wife from a divorce and was his whore even before he married Diana. she is a horrible blight on the Royal families lineage and should be banned. Charles should divorce her as soon as his grandchild is born. thus paving the way for the Queen to crown William and Kate. Please everyone, pray this is what will happen in July.

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  8. Susan A Dean says:

    Crown William before you leave us. The world loves you and I want the crown to stay strong with William and Kate. The other woman is mentally ill and needs to be watched at all times. I would also like you to be here to see all this- USA

  9. SARWAEH says:

    But why let Waity be Queen ? With all her eye make up,short dresses and hooker heels she could just stay the party girl she always has been……

  10. SARWAEH says:

    Waity is not a good choice either.

  11. disqus_aX6Zgk3mm4 says:

    the recent helicopter emergency landing incident seems to make it clear what the crown’s position is on camilla and charles’ accession to the throne. first make it appear that they are peacefully in line to the throne by having them sit in on parliament and say they are to represent the queen in the commonwealth meeting. then, because charles insists that where he goes, camilla goes, and she is to be queen, the firm has decided they both have to go simultaneously. i am sure this incident is not lost on both of them. there is little they can do to safeguard their own safety, since that decision is out of their hands. charles has always been foolish when it comes to women, and that is probably why they are marked for being gotten out of the way. prince phillip is the real head of state, and he will not permit his hard won dynasty of rulers to be interrupted by an unpopular king and vicious queen. not as long as he lives. he is the head of their family. the queen leaves all such decisions up to him, no doubt. it is a good bet that the rest of the government is also aligned against the unpopular couple. they had better watch out for their safety. if charles were to put his wife aside, he would be safe. the worst that would happen would be pressure on him to step aside and announce his retirement from government early in favor of his eldest son. he could accept a government appointment in an outlying part of the realm to keep occupied, and perhaps his son could grant him a permanency for the title of prince of wales for his beloved village and activities during his lifetime. it’s a mess, that is for sure. one would hope prince charles would wake up and realize his life is in danger here, and neither of them will survive to ascend the throne unless he takes steps to distance himself from his hated spouse. a legal separation, or annullment, could save charles’ life and preserve his rights of accession. as it is, his claim is shaky because shand is born a catholic and he should have stepped out of line the moment he married her. the queen insisted he could not marry in the church of england, primarily because of this. this will be invoked as the reason why he cannot succeed to the throne the moment the government gets a chance. so long as the queen reigns, he is safe. after that, no chance. but if he does not separate himself from his spouse, the forces behind the helicopter incident will not stop arranging for them both to have a little accident. even if he succeeds to the throne, those forces will make sure it is a very short reign. he will never be able to stop looking over his shoulder. his only hope is to put his unpopular spouse aside and banish her from England. only then might the people of the United Kingdom forgive him somewhat, though not completely ever, for Diana’s death, which everybody thinks was prearranged by the royal family and government. the scandalous behavior by Camilla’s predecessor relatives can never be wiped from the annals of the royal misbehavior of the previous king by taking Camilla’s forebear as a mistress, but at least Charles can remove the one biggest blot on his own record of his own accord. one doubts he is wise enough to save his own life, poor besotted fellow. he still really thinks she loves him.

  12. Nicholas Holmes-Clough says:

    Can I please make things very clear Prince Charles MUST NOT become King his horrible wife loves her drink too much and her temper is often out of control I AM A CHURCH MINISTER and have good inside information on this, some of you readres might not believe on the LORD JESUS CHRIST but let me tell you Charles wife is EVIL this is said to still be a Christian country and so WE MUST NOT EVER let this evil woman anywhere near the throne our dear Queen and Duke have worked so hard to hold together.
    The queens heart must be broken looking at her family BUT NOW we have a chance to get things on a bettter footing with a decent King and queen Prince William and princess Kathrine ( please stop calling her Kate )
    Rev Dr N Holmes-Clough

  13. JC says:

    As one with British Heritage I trust the Queen knows what she is doing. Charles had his chance with Diana, Camilla broke that up. She is luck the Queen appoved the marriage to Charles. THe skip over might be just what Egland needs.
    New Heritage to save the monarchy!

  14. Nilza Ivone says:

    you are a royal idiot, how can you insult persons that you do not know anything about their lives, do not even live in the same Country, just read about gossips about them, your ignorance it is beyond believe…