Kylie Jenner Crushing On Justin Bieber, Causing Friction With Jaden Smith?

Kylie Jenner Crushing On Justin Bieber, Causing Friction With Jaden Smith?

Well, look at that. Drama in the spoiled reality star/spoiled pop star/spoiled movie star dimension of reality. According to a recent interview of Kylie Jenner‘s, she might be crushing on her boyfriend‘s best friend. Will Jaden Smith be happy to know that Kylie has a teeny crush on Justin Bieber, or will he laugh it off?

Well, Kylie obviously denies dating Jaden at all, claiming that he’s just her ‘friend’. Yeah, right, as if anyone’s buying that. Anyway, Kylie was at the premiere of Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’, and she admitted to reporters that she found Justin ‘adorable’. When asked if she thought Justin was cute, she replied, “Of course! Doesn’t every girl think he’s cute?” Um, NO, most certainly not. In fact, I think almost ‘every girl’ outside of the age range of 12-18 does NOT think Justin Bieber is cute, but rather annoying.

But later, maybe conscious of starting rumors or speculation, she also added, “He’s always been so nice and he’s such a good guy despite what everyone says about him. I think he’s amazing.” She also claims Justin is ‘humble’, so I can’t tell if she’s smoking crack or just delusional. If she is crazy, then she and Justin would be perfect together.

Anyway, whether Kylie admits or not, I think we all know there’s something going on between her and Jaden. So I doubt Jaden would be too happy to know that his rumored girlfriend thinks that his best friend is adorable and cute, especially when that best friend is richer and more famous than him. Granted, Jaden’s way saner, but when does that stop people in Hollywood?

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • Danity Donnaly

    They must be in love.

  • Kaitlyn

    This is pretty fucked up tbh

  • thebutcher

    That kid IS NOT sane. He’s the fuck who told kids they should just drop out of school.

    • chocolate

      Don’t call jaden a fuck asshole he is more successful than both of us is but soon I will be at the top with him

  • chocolate

    If kylie and jaden are in love????????????????ima mess them up real good but i love jaden kylie can fuck off an she is a whore and a homie hopper
    . O.O

  • chocolate

    If kylie and Jaden are in love ima mess them up but I love Jaden and kylie is a whore and likes jb they can be a happy perverted couple kylie can f*** off jaden doesn’t deserve her he should focus on his career and make another movie after earth isn’t doing so well