The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Abby Attacks Stitch – Victoria’s Shocking Baby News – Sharon’s World Crashes

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Abby Attacks Stitch - Victoria's Shocking Baby News - Sharon's World Crashes

The Young and the Restless spoilers for August 18-22 tease a week full of can’t miss drama on the CBS soap opera. The week will kick off with Abby Newman doing what she does best, meddling in everyone else’s problems, and her victim this time is Stitch. Abby is apparently not impressed with the recent revelations about Stitch’s past, and how it has affected Victoria. Meanwhile Y&R spoilers tease that while Abby is lashing out at Stitch, Victoria will be awaiting important news about her baby (like maybe who he/she’s father is).

It looks like Neil’s temporary blindness will be sticking around for a while. The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that on August 18 Neil will meet his new social worker Nathan Anderson, and he will try to help Neil come to terms with his blindness and learn how to live with his new medical condition.

The residents of Genoa City will all head back to court this week, as Austin prepares to go before a jury for kidnapping Avery and shooting Paul Williams. Victor still needs a member of Phyllis Newman’s family to sign the permission slip allowing Dr. Cutler to give her experimental treatment. So, he uses Austin’s court case to his advantage and decides to free up some of Summer’s trust fund to help her pay for Austin’s mounting legal fees, in exchange for her signature.

Austin’s court case will affect a lot of lives in Genoa City, including Dylan and Avery’s. Leslie put Avery on the spot and asked to write a letter to the court that could save Austin from doing jail time, and Dylan was furious when he found out she was considering it. Y&R spoilers tease that this week fans will find out if Avery remained loyal to Dylan, or wrote the letter to help the man that shot Dylan’s father.

The Young and the Restless spoilers also tease that on Friday August 22nd Sharon’s world comes crashing down. Now, there are two reasons her world could be crashing down, either she learns what Ian Ward has been hiding about Mariah’s paternity, or Phyllis wakes up and reveals that Sharon tampered with Summer’s paternity test. Regardless, it will surely be worth tuning in to watch.

So Y&R fans, what important news do you think Victoria is waiting for regarding her baby, did she finally get a paternity test? Do you hope the baby is Stitch’s or Billy’s? And what do you think causes Sharon’s world to come “crashing down?” Do you think it is possible that Mariah could be Cassie Newman’s twin? Let us know what you think I the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

  • Dale

    What a misleading headline, there is no “shock” news about Victoria’s baby, she is not awaiting the results of who the baby’s father is. She has however, gone to the hospital as she in pain and worried about the baby.

  • ceecee

    Can’t wait to see who Nick called in…Sharon’s mom maybe. Much more interesting than Victoria

  • Ellen Ann

    There is no possible way Sharon’s mother did not know she had twins. Ian and Helen Copeland had to be working together stealing babies and selling them on the black market as Nick and Sharon didn’t even know each other when Cassie was born. When they married he knew he had to get that baby back to get closer to Nicki.
    The mother was disabled and needed the money to help take care of Sharon and her hospital bills and sold the baby to the nurse. Sharon had a long delivery and was exhausted and tired after giving birth and never knew she had twins. This is a possible story line!

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  • Patricia Wilson

    Stitch is to be the father

  • Sis-64

    I want a real shocker! I want Ian to be victors long lost brother.

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  • Gina

    I think it should all play out that way, there should of been twins and this is why Ian has that over the Newmans, but also that would be something that Ian would turn out to be Victors brother. That would be something. I’m just so OVER Hillary and Devon they had their chance they live to do this “Cat and Mouse” game on Y&R I think they should finale Bring back Dru!!! Lol it’s been long enough! I honestly thought two to three years after the Cliff waterfall accident that they should of recast her or brought her back. But now like Phylis I’m so glad that they are waking her up. Phyllis is a Big part of Y&R and I hated that Michelle S. left but was so upset to hear that they thought of killing her off for good. Thank God they didn’t I’ve been a Y&R fan since it started.. Love everything about it. Keep up the great job I think Abby and Tyler should be together so get them back together. Victoria should be with Billy Bd Ashley and Stich would be better together.

  • Ann Simmons

    Why are you’ll going to let Victoria lose her baby? After all this time, that will stink.

  • Marie Ramos

    I don’t think the Y&R writers care what the viewers/ fans think. If that was the case, the story lines would be different and many of the missed stars would still be on the show.

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