The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Colin’s Boss Makes Jill Do Something Illegal – Neil Blinded – Chloe and Kevin Divorced

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Colin’s Boss Makes Jill Do Something Illegal - Neil Blinded - Chloe and Kevin Divorced

The Young and the Restless spoilers have been going in circles over the course of the last few weeks regarding the love triangle between Hilary, Devon, and Devon’s father Neil. Hilary married Neil even though she clearly had feelings for Devon, ironically she finally admitted to having feelings for Devon and announced she was leaving Neil for him. However, before Hilary got a chance to break the news to Neil he was electrocuted while trying to fix wiring, and rushed to the hospital.

The Young and the Restless spoilers for the Wednesday August 13th episode tease that Neil’s family rushes to the hospital when they learned what happened to him. Hilary and Devon decide that they are going to stop their affair, and Hilary doesn’t want to hurt Neil any more than the electrocution did and Devon agrees. The doctor informs Lily, Devon, and Hilary that Neil miraculously survived being electrocuted, and he wants to see Hilary. Y&R spoilers tease that when Hilary heads in to Neil’s hospital room she is shocked to learn that he has been blinded. So, basically we are right back at square one with Hilary, Devon, and Neil. Hilary is going to try to be with Neil and ignore her feelings for Devon, only now Neil is blind so it will be even easier for her to cheat on him with his son.

The Young and the Restless spoilers for August 13th also tease that Jill receives a letter from Katherine Chancellor instructing her to throw a party to celebrate the anniversary of her death. Jill might be a little busy though, because Colin is apparently lining up a job for her. One of the men that Colin owes money to arrives at Jill’s house and pulls a gun on Colin, he informs him that their boss needs a job done, and Jill is the one to do it. Colin begs him to leave Jill out of it, but apparently that isn’t an option. According to Y&R spoilers, fans can also expect to see Kevin receive divorce papers from Chloe, and Noah is scared that Officer Harding is trying to steal his girlfriend Courtney from him.

4 responses to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Colin’s Boss Makes Jill Do Something Illegal – Neil Blinded – Chloe and Kevin Divorced”

  1. MHB says:

    I think you hit the nail right on the head…why not she’s stealing all of the GH characters. Might as well change the name from Y&R to GH2

  2. Amy says:

    So, I saw something on the internet… do not know if it is true.. that Mr. Muhney wrote that a deal got very close.. but that the Y&R part of his life is over. If IF IF that is true, it means that they ( the powers-that-be( (the power brokers of The Young and the Restless/Sony?CBS and the Executive Producer(s) were working on a deal.. Well..WORK HARDER!!!!!! You — so successful — SOny and CBS…. you can make almost anything happen. So make this happen… get a successful and positive deal worked out for Mr. Muhney to come back and play Adam Newman. It is the RIGHT thing to do.We fans are not stupid. We not something quite unethical went down. And, the show is historic and loved…… and you (powers in charge) are letting down the show …all — or most of all (can not speak for others – only myself really)– long-time fans down. If the deal was close (if what I read was indeed reality and i have no way of knowing) then you…. the people offering the contract have failed us…. but the best part is… you know how to fix things so deals get done, successful, with positive endings. You did it with Michael Jackson’s estate.. you’ve done it a zillion times. So, pick up the phone and text or call Mr. Muhney’s agent and manager… and get this deal successfully concluded. There will almost zero — zero— zero viewers left if you do not.(And, in case anyone wonders if I have a motive— I know NO One.. am connected with NO ONe. I have just watched the show since DAY 1 — -compares views on it with my six sisters (living all over the country) watch Victor huff and puff… and keep my attention… and with Mr. Muhney’s magnet presence on the screen… started watching it with my husband. Like other fans I am sadden to bear witness to this show going down the drain.. and I do not like to bear witness to what has the feel of an actor (perhaps actors) being treated shabbily. This show feels like a family to me and others. This BEGGING of the people who are in charge to get a successful deal done with Mr. Muhhey to play Adam Newman… are sincere requests from a sincere long-long-time viewer. Thank you. Other fans, please call or write anyone you can think of at The Young and Restless/Sony/CBS to get ahold of Mr. Muhney’s agent and manager and create a successful and positive signed contract for him to come back and play Adam Newman. Thank you.

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