The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Neil Electrocuted After Devon and Hilary Hook Up – Dylan’s Rage and Anger!

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Neil Electrocuted After Devon and Hilary Hook Up - Dylan's Rage and Anger!

The Young and the Restless spoilers for the August 8 episode of the CBS soap opera tease can’t miss drama for Y&R fans. The tangled love triangle between Devon, Neil, and Hilary has drawn fans in for weeks now. According to CDL’s exclusive The Young and the Restless spoilers, the mounting tension between Devon and Hilary finally comes to a head on August 8th, but a sudden emergency could put a stop on their budding romance before it even starts.

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Devon gives Hilary another ultimatum and tells her that if she doesn’t come meet him at a bar, he is leaving Genoa City for good. Hilary arrives at the bar and professes her love to Devon, and informs him that she is going to tell his father Neil that she is in love with his son. Ironically, while Hilary and Devon are marking out at the bar, Neil suffers a horrible accident and is electrocuted while trying to fix some faulty wires.

The odds of Neil actually dying are slim to none, Y&R fans would have gotten wind of the soap vet’s departure. But, he will most likely end up in the hospital, and his wife Hilary will rush to be by his side. There is no way she can tell Neil that she is leaving him for his son while he is lying in a hospital bed! When Hilary learns her hubby was nearly killed, she might even change her mind and decide she loves him more than Devon.

The Young and the Restless spoilers for August 8th also tease that Nikki crashes Paul and Christine’s romantic getaway. Meanwhile, back in Genoa City Dylan has a temper tantrum after a run-in with Ian Ward, and Avery pleads with him to go back to therapy before his anger gets out of control. Y&R fans can also expect to see Chelsea and Stitch have a heart-to-heart, and Billy makes plans to attend Chelsea’s son Connor’s birthday party.

So Y&R fans, how seriously do you think Neil will be hurt? Do you think that his accident will cause Hilary to switch teams again and decide she is in love with him instead of Devon? And, what about Nikki and Paul, do you think they will wind up together again? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

  • DonnaD

    I think she will leave neil

  • janie

    If I were Christine, I would punch Nikki in the face and I’m not a violent person. I’m so sick of her turning to Paul, it’s ridiculous the way she is all over him. I’m sick of this storyline. Move on!

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  • Ruth

    I agree lily needs to give up and mind her on business.q

  • Christine

    Who the hell cares

  • Linda

    Let Hillary and Devon be together. Neil is tiring! Leave Niki and Victor together and Paul with Christene. Don’t like the new Billy, but I want he and Victoria back together, and Chelsea with Adam. Stitch needs Ashley. Wake up Phyllis! Sharon needs to go! She and Neil should get together.

  • Linda

    Devon and Hillary should be together. Neil is as tiring as Sharon. Put them together. Nicki needs to be with Victor.

  • Linda

    Can’t wait for Adam to return to Chelsea, and Phyllis to wake up and blow Sharon out of the water.

  • Sandy

    Hope Hilary leaves Neil and sticks with Devon. Thought Hilary was going to end up being Lily’s half sister. Please give Neil a good, beautiful, smart woman for keeps for once in his life. He just can’t pick the right woman. Jack is a loser just as Victor said. He never really wins anything! Sick of trouble being between Victor and Nikki. Nikki and Victor are too old to keep switching partners and breaking up and getting back together. No one is interested in that type behavior with them anymore. They both are too old to stand up straight and walk now. May just be acting but whatever it is, they are not a hot, sexy couple anymore. They should just stick together and be good role models to their children and grandchildren. Nikki should leave Paul and Christine alone, very disrespectful to Christine. Nikki is not sexy or attractive, and please do not let her start drinking again, that makes her pitiful character even worse. Can’t stand all of her whining and being a victim. Can’t stand what was done to Summer while Sharon gets what she wants. Nick is such a cool guy who can’t end up with a good woman — not fair. Billy is such a mess, makes him look so dumb all the time-wouldn’t make a right choice if it presented itself to him. Victoria is being silly.

  • Dale

    I love him, he’s handsome and a good actor.

  • Ellen Ann

    I don’t know who is more boring Neil or Cane but Cane needs to grow a pair and be a man and stop bowing down to his wife. She is sickening and wish Hiliary would beat the crap out of her once and for all. She forgave Cane for his betrayal now lets move on.
    Nicki needs to spend more time in make up, she looks younger one day then the next day she looks like a hag. It seems that once Phyliss returns Kelly is going to need a new man so let Kelly hook up with Neil and let Devon and Hiliary stay together. The new Billy just dosen’t do it for me, he has the ability to act but he just dosen’t cut it as Billty. He has no sense of humor and charisma like Billy Miller did, but most of all he dosen’t have the good looks he had.

  • Ellen Ann

    I hope when Meredith Baxter arrives she plays the part of Stitch and Kelly’s mother and she is the real killer , not Stitch. I just want to jump through the TV screen everytime Billy opens his mouth to Stitch about what he did. JFP is ruining Billy’s character, he is sleeping with Chelsea which would not ever happen since he is so much in love with Victoria, and turning his character into a bad boy which is ruining his character. Destroying a man’s career and his life for a crime he already paid for is a bit over the top even for Billy.

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