America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 – Episode 11 Recap & Who Was Eliminated

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 – Episode 11 Recap & Who Was Eliminated

Last time on America’s Next Top Model Kasia, 26, from Illinois was sent home, four girls remain.  Did you miss last week’s episode?  Check it out HERE. London-based fashion designer Daniella Issa Helayel is a guest judge this week and the models learn to balance tea trays.  Daniella will help choose who the remaining three models will be at panel.  I wonder who will be eliminated tonight?

Molly is really happy she got best photo and Alexandria is very nervous about being in the bottom two for two weeks.    She tells the girls she is very happy they are the final four.  Hannah says she is glad too that they all stand for something different.

Miss J comes to see them and is telling them they are going to see an important client and they have to follow him to have tea.  They are meeting with Franca Sozzani Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Italia.  The girls show Franca their book and talk to her about themselves and ask her questions.

Miss Jay tells them he has someone else special he wants them to meet an a girl, Noor Talbi comes in balancing a tea tray with a tea set on it.  The girls have to balance the tea trays.  If the tray falls off they have to keep their composure.   They are learning from Noor how to dance with the tea trays on their head.  It does not look easy!  The girls learn that they will be performing that night in front of a live audience.  So they will be dancing with a full tea tray on their head.  This should be funny most of the girls had problems keeping the trays on their head and the tea sets clattered on the floor.

The girls practice the balancing to prepare for the nights live audience.  They give the girls costumes.  The girls find out they won’t be dancing alone they will be dancing with professional dancers and they learn they will be dancing not only with the tea tray & tea set on the head but there will be candles on their heads to.  The winner of this challenge will get a private walking/runway lesson with Miss Jay.  Of all the girls Alexandria keeps saying how easy it is.

First comes Molly and she trips on her skirt and she gets angry and her face got angry and it stayed that way the whole dance.  Brittani comes down the steps and she moves and she does not drop her try she looks great – she is focused.  Hannah keeps the tray on her head she does not have the hip movement of Brittani but she is good.  Alexandria comes down the stairs and does not drop the tray they felt she was powerful and at the end she drops the whole tray.  Molly is mean and laughs.  Alexandria became too confident.

Brittani wins the challenge Mr. Jay feels she was confident and looked fabulous.  Alexandria is the runner up!  Brittani is told she can have the lesson herself or she can have one of the other girls come with her.  Brittani feels it would help Hannah a lot to get a lesson from Miss Jay.  So both go meet Miss Jay at a garden  where he gives them runway walking tips.

The girls were walking through the market and looking for a place to eat.  The girls saw many gross things to eat.  They decide to try brain.  Brittani barged it up.

They get Tyra mail which says “Ah, the sweet smell of success.” Brittani is still feeling sick and does not know how she is going to pull the photoshoot off.  She wakes up and says she is still sick.

The photoshoot is going to be in the largest outdoor market. They will be wearing fashions by Daniella Issa Helayel and their photographer will be Friedemann Hauss.

Hannah: was getting a little lost in the photoshoot.  She was looking like “deer in headlights” and then started to get lost.  She looked pretty but the photographer thought she looked a little posed.  She feels she did not do the best she could have done.  Nigel feels the picture is unusual and editorial.  Daniella thinks she looks fabulous.

Molly: They tell her to try not to go too much profile.  Mr. Jay told her she was beautiful.  The photographer thought she was beautiful as well and editorial.  At last they feel her shot is high fashion, they love her body language and she committed to the shot.  Tyra thinks she does a great job showing the clothes.

Alexandria: Mr. Nay tells her when she is on camera she has to let go.   Of course Alexandria got pissed off.  The photographer thought she had to relax her face.  Mr. Jay kept telling her not to lose her neck.  A comment is “she looks like she lost her mind.” Nigel thinks she looks beautiful.  Tyra does not get high fashion from it.

Brittani: It is raining and Brittani is still doing a great job.  She moved well and they lvoed the body language.  The photographer felt she had a lot of elegance and she gave him inspiration.  Nigel loves her shot.  Tyra does not see high fashion.

They head back to the house and they have Tyra mail –  tomorrow they meet with the judges.  Keep checking back as we update this space !

They are going to panel

First girl called & Best Picture –  MOLLY and her picture will be displayed in their home.

Runner Up for best photo – BRITTANI

The bottom two are ALEXANDRIA & HANNAH


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