Brand New Reality Show To Tell The Inside Story Of ‘Wrestler Wives’

Brand New Reality Show To Tell The Inside Story Of 'Wrestler Wives'

Add a new title to reams of ‘Reality’ shows purporting to show the world how people live –‘Wrestler Wives.’   First there was the “Real Housewives.” Then came “Basketball Wives.”  Now a show currently in production centers around a new group of famous spouses –  “Wrestler Wives.”

Multiple sources indicate that the people behind “Pit Boss” have teamed up with VH1 to produce a show which follows the wives of famous wrestlers and the pilot has already begun shooting in Houston.

Sources say Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman (Booker T’s wife), Stacy Carter (Jerry Lawler’s ex-wife) and Jackie Haas (Charlie Haas’ wife) are the main focus of the show.

We’re told the show will also be centered around WWE wrestler Booker T’s wrestling school in Texas which Sharmell helps run.
The show could be serious if they allow it to be – wrestlers are the only Americans to divorce at a higher rate than movie stars – and the top performers bring in serious money and have a history of tons of drug and steroid abuse (recall the Chris Benoit double murder/suicide).

Image & story credit to TMZ