Dancing With The Stars Season 13 Episode 3 Live Recap 10/03/11

Dancing With The Stars Season 13 Episode 3 Live Recap 10/03/11

Tonight on the third episode of Dancing With The Stars it is “emotional story” theme week.  Each contestant will be dancing a personal/emotional story from a year in their life.  This should be an emotional night!  If you missed last week’s episode read our official recap here!  If you missed the results show catch our official recap here!

Opening the show tonight Rob Kardashian and Professional Dancer Cheryl Burke dancing Foxtrot to Fly me to the moon.  He is dancing as a celebration of his father’s life Robert Kardashian.

Len said: you just put the dash into Kardashian.  You did good.  Bruno said:  Rob the man is getting the upper hand.  There was a beautiful story behind this dance.  Carrie Ann said: I like watching you dance Rob.  I feel like each week you genuinely make progress.  Scores: Carrie Ann – 8, Len -8, Bruno – 8 TOTAL = 24

Chynna Phillips and Professional Dancer Tony Dovolani dancing the Rumba to Hold on.  She is dancing this song to show people that there is a life after addiction.

Bruno said: I knew you could do it, intriguing and elegant and the beauty of the lines you belong in a museum.  Carrie Ann: you gave us more, you are stunning to watch, you are so good.   You were so connected to the music.  Len said: dancing like that you will be here for weeks and weeks.  You have taken this whole competition to a new level.  Scores: Carrie Ann – 8, Len -9, Bruno – 9 TOTAL = 26

Chaz Bono and Professional Dancer Lacey Schwimmer dancing the Rumba to Laugh at me.  He was dancing the song for his father Sonny Bono and to honor this year which has been his most memorable.

Carrie Ann: everytime I watch you on the dance floor I am touched by your courage.  Tonight was not your best performance, it was not your best performance.  You seem not quite focused.  You did not dance enough.   Len said:  Chaz that was the best dance you have done, unlike what Carrie Ann said.  Dancing does not come easy to you but you come back and do it.  Bruno said: There is a very endearing quality about you.  The Rhumba is a difficult dance and it is hard to keep the focused.  There were a few times you looked a bit lost.  Scores: Carrie Ann – 6, Len -6, Bruno – 6 TOTAL = 18

Kristin Cavalleri and Professional Dancer Mark Ballas dancing the Samba to Beyonce’s Crazy In Love.  She danced the song for the year she moved to LA and had to decide whether to go to school or pursue entertainment.

Len said: the parts the beyonce stuff was not my thing, that was only 20 % the other 80% was fabulous.  Bruno said:  That was crazy, who could say not after that.  You’re going right.  Carrie Ann said: Beyonce had some big shoes to full and you did pretty darn good.  You are pushing yourself to the limit.  Keep it up!  Scores: Carrie Ann – 8, Len -8, Bruno – 8 TOTAL = 24

Carson Kressley and Professional Dancer Anna Trebunskayadancing the Tango to It’s My Life.  He is dancing the song to celebrate when Queer Eye For The Straight Guy aired and for all the geeky people to show them they can dance.

Carrie Ann: I loved you.  I love you just the way you are, you brought us drama.  Beautiful shape.  Very nice.  Bruno said:  that was insanely brilliant.   Len said: I am going to be quite positive.  You put the boy in flamboyant.  That tango has merit, you had the right attitude, you attacked the dance and I enjoyed it much.  Scores: Carrie Ann –8, Len -7, Bruno – 8 TOTAL = 23

Jr. Martinez and Professional Dancer Karina Smirnoff dancing the Rumba to ‘If You’re Reading This’.  He is dancing this dance for the men and women who did not come home from the war.

Carrie Ann said:  Heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things and tonight you did sometime extraordinary.  That was one of the most profound dances you, touched me.  Len said:  every season someone comes along who dances to a standard you don’t expect this season it is you!  It could have been a bit more musical through the arms.  It was a wonderful performance so poignant I loved it.  Bruno said: you are a source of inspiration you dance from your heart I could feel it.  You did a lot of things I rarely see in the rumba.  You did it and it is so hard to do.  Great achievement!   Scores: Carrie Ann –9, Len -8, Bruno – 9 TOTAL = 26

Nancy Grace and Professional Dancer Tristan McManus dancing the Waltz to Moon River.  Nancy is dancing the dance for her twins so they can see their mother do something beautiful for them.

Len said: straight into the dance.  Nancy you need to get better posture.  You showed the emotion of the dance, well done.  Bruno said: warm soft and dreamy.  You have to link the moves and carry them through.  Carrie Ann: you dedicated it to your twins and I felt like it was a lullaby.  Your love for you children came through.  Scores: Carrie Ann –7, Len -7, Bruno – 7 TOTAL = 21

Ricki Lake and Professional Dancer Derek Hough dancing the Rumba to Gravity.    She is dancing the song to inspire others to find true love and to show people never say never.

Bruno said: every step was expressive as a word in a poem that was the actress, dancer at her best!  Carrie Ann:  Ricky Lake is on fire that was fabulous, it was breathtaking.  Len said:  Derek may I congratulate on a great routine Ricky I congratulate you on dancing it so well.  Congratulations!  Scores: Carrie Ann –9, Len -9, Bruno – 9 TOTAL = 27

Hope Solis and Professional Dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy dancing the Cha Cha to Tonight.  She danced the dance for her 2011 World Cup game and how sometimes you work your old life for something.

Carrie Ann said: you are a really strong dancer, you are very sexy and very hot.  It was fantastic and you have a lot of potential.  You have to work on your walk and a little more fluidity.  Len said:  it was a bit provocative for me.  The Cha Cha Cha was very good, I would like it a little sharper. You’re best dance so far.  Bruno said:  the sexy minx is out of the cage.  The man-eater is there, it is good to see you embrace you gorgeousness.  They are right about your walk, it is all there.  Scores: Carrie Ann –8, Len -8, Bruno – 8 TOTAL = 24

David Arquette and Professional Dancer Kym Johnson the Rumba to Ooh Child.   He dedicated the song to his daughter.

Len said:  You did a great job, I am proud of you, well done.  Bruno said:  You were romantic, I loved it!  Wonderful.  Carrie Ann said:  very nice comeback you came back and brought us so much more of you.  It turned unto something magical.  That is what dancing is all about.   Scores: Carrie Ann –8, Len -8, Bruno – 8 TOTAL = 24

Thoughts?  Who do you think is going home?