Dancing With The Stars Season 13 Episode 8 Live Recap 11/07/11

Dancing With The Stars Season 13 Episode 8 Live Recap 11/07/11

Tonight is the eighth episode of Dancing With The Stars and on tonight’s live competition show.  Couples will not only be performing their rehearsed dances, but will also have to perform ‘Instance Dances’.  Although the dance for the Instant Dance is provided in advance for the couples, the music is not, meaning each pair has a drastically short time to prepare for the live show – only twenty minutes.  They will have to master a jive to music they’ve been given during the live show.  If you missed last week’s exciting Halloween themed show you can read our official recap here!  If you missed last week’s results show you can read our official recap here!

The final five competitors left to fight it out in the ballroom or the mirror ball trophy are Rob Kardashian, Nancy Grace, Hope Solo, JR Martinez and Rikki Lake.   No one wants to go home after coming so far. There have been a couple of surprise eliminations so it is still anybody’s competition.

Below is a list of the dances and the songs for tonight’s performances as well as the judges comments:

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke dance first, doing a quickstep to the Aha song “Take On Me.”

Len said:  Rob when you started I thought this is not going to work but once you got into jold the whole thing changed I had a good look at your bum and it was tucked in.  Your best dance so far, great tweek to do.  Bruno said:  Rob once you took off you were speedier than a drag race.  Your frames was good the best lines you did so far.  It is an incredible improvement  Carrie Ann said:  you are the ideal contestant for DWTS you started off not that great and tonight you were elegant and polished and you did the best you ever did.

SCORE:  Carrie Ann – 9  Bruno – 9 Len – 9  TOTAL 27/30

Rob will dance his Instant Jive to ManEater

Len said:  There were no glaring mistakes.  You did great, just flick a little bit more.  Good Job!  Bruno said:  Great job, youthful energy.  Carrie Ann said:  I am impresed with the transitions, a great job.   I think you need to point your toes in the flicks and kicks but I love how you are in control on the dance floor.

SCORE:  Carrie Ann – 8  Bruno – 8 Len – 8  TOTAL 24/30  FOR A TOTAL OF 51/60 FOR THE EVENING

JR Martinez and Karina Smirnoff will do the slow waltz, and it seems their song is the Burt Bacharach song “What the World Needs Now.”

Bruno said: JR it was like a musical valentime you had your heart on your sleeve you made beautiful music with Karine it was divine  Carrie Ann said: you have this incredible natural grace but tonight something happened in the middle that was magic.   It was a wonderful feeling and dance.  Len said:  JR where is your tie  let me tell you this is the war on the floor last week you retreeted a bit but this week you came back all guns blazing.  Good job!

SCORE:  Carrie Ann – 9  Bruno – 9 Len – 9  TOTAL 27/30

JR will dance his Instant Jive to Tutti Frutti by Little Richard.

Bruno said:  You were off like a rocket.  Your side flicks were sensational.  Your timing was impeccable.  You’ve got it.  Carrie Ann said: Your in a class all of your own.  There is no one even close to you tonight.  Len said:  I tell you what you have you have the X factor and the feel good factor mixed together.  This was the most fantastic jive!  Well Done!

SCORE:  Carrie Ann – 10  Bruno – 10 Len – 10  TOTAL 30/30  FOR A TOTAL OF 60/60 FOR THE EVENING

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough have the slow waltz as well, and their song is thought to be Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman.

Carrie Ann said:  you had a little stumble at the end but your movements are exquisite.  What I love and what makes you special is that you lose yourself in the dance  Len said:  It should not be Ricki lake it was like a river.  Beautifully executed the whole way throught.  I have to tell you my heart wants to give you a 10 but unless you nail your footwork I cannot give it to you.  Bruno said:  Ricki it was deliciously dreamy.  You had so much artisitc detail it is increible what yiou put in.  It was just absolutely beautiful.

SCORE:  Carrie Ann – 9  Bruno – 10  Len – 9  TOTAL 28/30

Rikki will dance the instant jive to Land of 1,000 dances by Wilson Pickett

Carrie Ann said: there were a few stops and starts and you got lost in the choreography.  But it was great.  Len said:  You had two dances at the opposite end of the spectrum.  I thought you coped remarkably.  Bruno said:  I think it was very demanding choreography.  Tonight some sections did not flow as well as they could have.

SCORE:  Carrie Ann – 8  Bruno – 8 Len – 8  TOTAL 24/30  FOR A TOTAL OF 52/60 FOR THE EVENING

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy will do the quickstep to Mark Ronson’s “Valerie.”

Bruno said:  Tonight is the night of miracles, you never moved so well.  Best one yet!  Carrie Ann said:  Come here Hope I wanna give you a hug.   Maks she did a great job.  You guys were so in sync tonight.  Best Dance!! Len said:  it was a blend of speed , you kept up with Maks.  it was your best dance you have reached your potential.

SCORE:  Carrie Ann – 9  Bruno – 9 Len – 9  TOTAL 27/30

Hope will dance the instant jive to The best damn thing by Avril Lavigne

Bruno said:  The fast and the furious you were a wild child.  It was good.  Carrie Ann said:   Definte improvement from the last time you did the jive.  It was a fast dance, there was something strange with your hands.  Len said:  This was fantastic, it was everything a jive should be, it was brilliant.  What is going one?

SCORE:  Carrie Ann – 8  Bruno – 8 Len – 9  TOTAL 25/30  FOR A TOTAL OF 52/60 FOR THE EVENING

Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus are doing the tango to The Ames Brothers song “The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane.”

Len said: Week 2 you did the best dance for me and since then you have been on a plateau.  But now after all this well done.  Bruno said:  I am so shocked you brazen Jessebel.  It was the right attitude.  Carrie Ann said:  I love your spirit and you never stop.  What you did tonight was very sharp.  Your toes were not pointed as they should be and you had  a little stumble tonight.  But, great job anyway!

SCORE:  Carrie Ann – 8  Bruno – 8 Len – 8  TOTAL 24/30

Nancy will dance her Instant Jive to Upside Down

Len said:  You have the Cinderella story but for me it is midnight and it is time to go home.  Bruno said:  The Jive is a very energetic dance.  It was too laid back and loose.  Carrie Ann said:  Unfortunatly you got lost in the choreography.  You both are a team and have great energy but you got lost in the dance.

SCORE:  Carrie Ann – 7  Bruno – 7 Len – 6  TOTAL 20/30  FOR A TOTAL OF 44/60 FOR THE EVENING

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