Kate Gosselin Is A Demanding Diva

Kate Gosselin Is A Demanding Diva

Let’s not act like this comes as a surprise to anyone! According to new reports, reality star and mother of eight, Kate Gosselin is still a demanding diva!

Kate was recently in Tennessee where she was doing filming and promotion for the upcoming season of Kate Plus 8. Let’s just say that she wasn’t nice. Well, that might be the understatement of the year.

According to reports, Kate was demanding in her requests. Surprise!

Reportedly, she demanded a police escort through the airport and a special escort to her hotel so that she could avoid the paparazzi. People on the scene have commented that there were very little paparazzi present and there was no real reason for her to make such a demand. We’ve heard that she could have gotten through the airport just fine without the escort.

Why so demanding Kate????

Photo Credit: WENN.com

  • Dana

    OMG will someone please cancel her show already.

  • emily

    The paparazzi do NOT pay attention to Kate Gosselin any more. Only one photographer is willing to occasionally take her picture now, and she has to call HIM for that to happen. She will make a scene (throwing a fit, talking loudly,etc) in order to draw attention to herself to try to get someon, anyone, to take her picture. The airport in TN is tiny and no one wanted to take her picture. She demanded the police escort to try to get noticed and photographed. Wishful thinking. The woman is pathetic

  • PAA

    Thsi is one more example of Kate’s delusion of fame. It never stops.

  • Judy

    Everyone (with a brain) is so OVER her…make her go away.

  • kathleen

    KATE IS A NASTY WOMAN! I saw her while on vacation when the cameras were not rolling. She was rude and demeaning to hotel staff. She has nothing to offer. Get her and her brats off the TV.