Ashton Kutcher Breaks The News To Demi Moore, Mila Kunis’ Pregnant!

Ashton Kutcher Breaks The News To Demi Moore, Mila Kunis' Pregnant! 1108

I can’t help but be reminded of a stupid but cute joke at the moment. How do you make love to a porcupine? Very, very carefully, right? Well, that’s what I imagine ran through Ashton Kutcher’s head when he had to tell Demi Moore his much younger, much hotter, and much more in demand girlfriend, Mila Kunis, is pregnant and they are getting married. How did he do it? Was it in person? On the phone? Quick text? However he did it, I’m sure it was done very, very carefully.

If you believe Star magazine, that is. Star has the young, popular couple on the cover with the headlines that they’re in the family way and planning a quickie wedding. There’s a few roadblocks though to the story’s believability. First, Mila came out and denied the baby. Fine. Par for the course. Then, Ashton’s still technically married to Demi which only proves my point that he’s a piece of shit of Kim Kardashian levels. And, finally, do you actually think Ashton had the balls to tell Demi Moore about a pregnant Mila Kunis? I wouldn’t relay the joyous (probably fake) news from an ocean away! Consequently, Ashton and Mila are an ocean away in Australia on vacation so maybe he did pop the surprise over a fast text….

Can we be cool to Demi? Can we completely lie and stick our heads in the sand and believe she’s calm about the whole thing? Can we believe she’s moved on and wished them well? Can we believe she actually feels sorry for Mila because she might be attached to Ashton for the next 18 years? Can we believe that Demi might grow the f-ck up and acknowledge that she’s the lucky one out of this busted up trinity?

Or is it too hard to believe a 40-something Hollywood actress would have that kind of self-esteem and control? Demi really needs to start hanging out with Susan Sarandon. She’s knows what it’s like to be with a younger man and to walk away. She’d slap Demi around and set her straight, and something tells me it wouldn’t be done very, very carefully. But maybe that’s OK. The last thing Demi needs right now is kid gloves.

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  • Phyllis Venkataya

    Wow, how exiting for two really young hollywood stars; best wishes to them. How do you do anything with a porcupine, why do it at all. Demi and Ashton were never married remember? The one started robbing the cradle when Ashton was but really just a young 18 year old kid. I find that for Demi, she just needs to get her *ss in gear and let him and Mila alone. How many times do older so called Cougars get involved with much younger men, and find out that they strayed (normal for a much younger man to be attracted to a woman more his age, with less backage), second it is not like we all did not see this coming; a Cougar never lets the world see her sweat over a breakup with a man child she held onto for a long time, how she did that was by bringing others into the relationship that she wasn’t threatened by. MISTAKE, should have kept her bedroom escapades separate from others, but no, she thought she could control mother nature secret, it further opened the door to the man and his need to be with others of the same age bracket. At her age, Demi was not smart, with three daughters,in the same house and trying to avoid gettiing too daring to fit ng old, crabby, grouchy and I might add a little too daring. Congratulations Ashton, this is your life and your life alone. Everyone can see the love and happiness between you and a woman who has her life together and is not afraid of becoming older, having children and forming a family.Good for you; we all knew you were ready to be a father. Yet another wannabe Jennifer Ashton, just when you want to have children, Demi refused. Out you left. Oops. Oh well, I see no reason why you have to tell Demi anything. She was never your wife.

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