Big Brother 14 Week 5 Episode 15 ‘PoV Competition’ Recap 8/15/12

Big Brother 14 Week 5 Episode 15 'PoV Competition' Recap 8/15/12

Tonight is another new episode of Big Brother 14 on CBS. Tonight we will get to see another PoV competition played out and find out if either Wil or Joe will be taken off the elimination block. If you can’t wait for tonight’s episode and want the scoop, we spoiled the episode for you and you can read our awesome spoilers here.

Boogie still has his grip on the house since he managed to convince Frank to do exactly what he wanted in the nominations.  The Silent Six – Dan, Danielle, Boogie, Frank, Britney, and Shane seem to still be together, at least for now!  On this week’s nominations Frank wanted to put Dan up for eviction, but Boogie convinced him that was not a good idea.  Boogie is hoping that if he gets put on the blog Dan would be a good to have on his side.   If you missed the last episode and you want to catch up you can read our full and detailed recap here!

On tonight’s show Joe and Wil, this week’s nominees get to fight for their lives in the PoV Competition so they can stay around another week.

In other BB we got to see the first Big Brother hookup.  This might even put a bigger target on Frank’s back.  He asked Ashley out on a date and the two had a huge make-out session.  I am feeling so bad for Ian because he really likes Ashley.  I wonder what this is going to do to the game?

Big Brother airs tonight at 9:00pm with the PoV competition, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see if there will be any more drama in the house, how about you?

Tonight’s episode: The Veto is up for grabs and it’s the return of the zingbot. Wil is taking the nominations personally and vows to get back at Frank. Meanwhile, Joe was also put up for eviction and he vows not to go down without a fight. Dan is relieved, but he’s not stupid enough to think that he may just be backdoored by Boogie.

Wil and Boogie have a private chat when Boogie assures him that he is not going home, he was nominated because someone had to sit beside Joe. Now we all know Boogie is lying and guess what, so does Wil.

Shane is finding the situation with Danielle really tough, he doesn’t want a showmance because he knows that it may just cause him to be the target.

It’s time for Frank to dispose of his spiritard and he does it by cheering, stripping in front of everyone and jumping in the pool.

Ashley is feeling bad, she wants to play in the POV by her back went out. Personally, if she is unable to play in competitions, they should just send her home.

Time to pick players for the Veto competition; Frank as HOH he pick first, he gets Jenn. Joe is next, he gets his choice and takes Ashley with the sore back because he basically has nobody else in the house that likes him. Wil gets Boogie, the last person he wants playing. Shane also gets to play because of the Veto replay card he won last week. Ian gets chosen as the host of the Veto competition.

Zingbot is back and throws a bunch of insults at the house guests which they all take in good humour except for Danielle whose sing was worse, “Shane is going to give Danielle a gift when the show is over, a restraining order”, hilarious but Danielle didn’t think so.

It’s time for the Veto competition, the players have to bring zingbots baby to life and winner get the golden POV.

Frank is doing a great job, he’s almost got this thing while everyone else is really frustrated. Frank wins, baby zingbot is born and appears with the POV for Frank, Boogie couldn’t be happier.

Dan is really nervous and he should be because Boogie and Frank may just come after him. Wil wants to promise Frank his vote the following week, if he makes a big move in the house; so he goes to approach him with Ashley who throws out Dan’s name. Little do those two know that Frank has already been contemplating the same thing.

Britney tells Ian to go see what is happening in the HOH room, he goes and speaks to Frank who says that he is thinking of backdooring Dan.

Frank approaches Boogie and tells him that he is still thinking of getting rid of Dan, Boogie is against it because Dan is a part of the “silent six” alliance.

It’s time for the Veto meeting, will Frank rock the boat? Nope, apparently Boogie still has control of the house, he wins again because Frank did not use the Veto.

Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? Tune into CDL tomorrow night when we will have all the details along with the house guests’ reaction to a  surprise visit from Big Brother 11’s fan favourite, Jeff Schroeder.

The end!