Is There Now A Blue Ivy Carter Nose Job?

Is There Now A Blue Ivy Carter Nose Job?

The latest breaking rumour to explode on the blogosphere is that little Blue Ivy Carter’s nose has changed shape. Oh.My.Freak! Did Beyonce get Blue Ivy Carter plastic surgery? We don’t know, nor do the folks over at MTO, nor does Hope Carson at We all can merely speculate and poke, but we here at Celeb Dirty Laundry did some investigation into the baby nose scandal.

Blue Ivy Carter must have one of the coolest names in the history of Babyville. She was birthed by Beyonce and fathered by Jay Z and many believe that this collection of genes will create a super baby. Nah, we’re only joking. Baby geniuses do exist, just not in this realm of the cosmos. There are two pictures of little Blue – on the left hand picture her nose is flat, but in the right hand picture her nose is pointy. Is this some macabre optical illusion, hellbent on poking nasal fun at babies? Or is there something more sinister at work here?

Carson explains in her article, “Remember back in the day when MTO–er–rumor had it that for security reasons, Beyoncé carried a doll around in public instead of a real baby? Perhaps there are two Blue Ivy dolls–one with a straight nose and one with a flattened one. Or perhaps the straight-nosed baby is a doll, and the flat-nose one is real. Or vice versa. This is getting too complicated.

Oh poop. Could little Blue be a creepy doll child? Maybe she doesn’t even exist, except in the existential David Lynch-esque corners of our mind? This one is so confusing that Stephen Hawking (the wheelchair bound cosmologist – Google it!) wrote a thesis about it.

We highly doubt that Blue had plastic surgery and if you look at the pictures closely, you’ll be able to see that her nose looks like a button in the first picture, but it somehow still retains its shape in the second one, merely from a different angle. It’s quite elementary, my dear Watson.

Hey, we think we just owned Stephen Hawking…

Alas, we shall leave this up to the CDL readers to decide. What do you think? Do you think there is something amiss here, or is it merely a weird camera angle? MTO calls it a “shocking new scandal.” Your opinions are welcome in the comments below.

Photo Credit: CWNY/FameFlynet Pictures

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  1. i think the only thing “amiss” here is a lot of tired forgettable media sites trying to come up with stupid news for ratings