Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Rings: Too Much Or Too Cute?

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie's Wedding Rings: Too Much Or Too Cute? 0813

So Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt didn’t get married this weekend. OK, I’ve been wrong before. Believe it or not, we don’t try to mislead. Media vans were camped out. Villagers were talking. I actually thought something might go down. Yet it didn’t. But guess what? NEXT WEEK is the real date. I’m not crying wolf this time! Next week we’ll see a married Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Trust me! Or if not me, trust The Sun. It’s not like they’ve ever been wrong….

The Sun reports that mayor of the village of Correns, which is near Brad and Angelina’s chateaux, confirmed the couple will finally get hitched this coming weekend. And we’ve got rings! Rings mean weddings!

Apparently, Brad and Angelina “commissioned” two rings worth about $785,000 each from their jeweler Robert Procop to symbolize their undying love.

The former boss of British jewellers Asprey & Garrard has been busy producing matching bands for them at the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat, in the south of France. And now they’re done and ready to go.

A source said: “Robert’s been busy all year making Brad and Angie’s wedding rings.

“They are matching rose gold bands with a tablet-cut diamond in them and their vows to each other engraved in them.

“You can’t see it with the naked eye but they both know they’re there.”

Brad takes his rings seriously – probably more seriously than his vows if you ask Jennifer Aniston. Didn’t he design Jennifer’s ring too? I think he did. So this doesn’t surprise me. But Brad’s getting to be a big spender in his old age. He already forked over $400,000 for a pre-wedding watch for Angelina. I understand he’s a zillionaire and he’s excited but damn man show some restraint!

I think a wedding might happen soon. Procop would only talk about the rings if Brad and Angie gave him the OK. And the last time they gave him the OK, he confirmed their engagement. So this could be the start. Maybe? Maybe not? What do you think? Could the wedding be happening this weekend or is everyone just looking for something to look forward to now that the Olympics are over? I’m just saying… there are rings… we’re getting closer!

Photo Credit: ANG/Fame Pictures