Brad Pitt Fills House With Guns To Protect Angelina Jolie And The Kids!

Brad Pitt Fills House With Guns To Protect Angelina Jolie And The Kids!

We’ve seen Brad Pitt play the all-American man before, but we’re now learning that the character is actually just an extension of the real Brad Pitt! Although there has never been any doubt that he’s a woman’s-man-man’s-man-man-about-town sort of guy, we’ve just learned that Brad is taking his masculinity—and patriotism—to a whole new level, by practicing his second amendment rights! No, not the part about refusing to house soldiers without being paid, the part about owning a gun! And not just one gun, lots of guns!

Live Magazine quoted Brad describing his feelings about guns: “America is a country founded on guns. It’s in our DNA. It’s very strange but I feel better having a gun. I really do. I don’t feel safe, I don’t feel the house is completely safe, if I don’t have one hidden somewhere. That’s my thinking, right or wrong.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard “Brad Pitt” and “guns” in the same sentence. Remember last fall when the set of his movie World War Z was raided by a Hungarian swat team after they found out the crew had over 80 real weapons on set? That is a big no no!

But Brad wasn’t fazed! He has spent his entire life smelling of gun powder and squinting down the barrel of a loaded gun! In the article, Brad even described his childhood, giving a timeline of his gun ownership! He marks, “I got my first BB gun when I was in nursery school. I got my first shotgun by first grade, I had shot a handgun by third grade, and I grew up in a pretty sane environment.”

It sounds like Brad knows his way around a rifle! And with gorgeous fiancée Angelina Jolie and six kids at home (and probably two-dozen staff members), it makes sense that Brad would want to have the house as secure and prepared as possible! Fans and paparazzi do crazy things, sometimes bordering on deranged! (Remember Miley Cyrus’ scissor-wielding home intruder?)

If Angelina needs protection from anyone it’s probably longtime rival Jennifer Aniston, who has been meticulously copying her movements for years now! Jen’s rush to the alter gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “shotgun wedding,” that’s for sure. Of course, physical violence isn’t the answer, and if she really wants Brad back she should just kidnap him and live in a secluded cabin in the woods, Misery style.

No word from Brad if his kids are going to grow up learning how to clean, load, and shoot guns. My guess is that Angelina Jolie won’t want her young kids around the dangerous weapons! I just hope that, wherever he’s stashed the guns, they’re locked safely and unloaded! No need to bait faith for a tragic accident. What do you think of Brad Pitt’s defense of guns? Do you think he’ll ever need them to protect the (future) wife and kids? Is 6-years-old too young to shoot?

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