Jennifer Aniston Inviting Brad Pitt’s Mom To Wedding, Angelina Jolie Furious

Jennifer Aniston Inviting Brad Pitt's Mom To Wedding, Angelina Jolie Furious 1015

It’s about time! We all knew this story was coming. I’m just surprised it took this long. Jennifer Aniston invited Brad Pitt’s mom to her wedding to Justin Theroux and Jane Pitt isn’t going to let Fox/Evelyn Salt/Tigress or Lara Croft get in her way. I can’t figure out who’s crazier – Jane or Jennifer.

“Jennifer wants Jane to be there,” said a source. “She’s closer to her than she is to her own mother Nancy and it just feels right. Jane is thrilled that Jennifer has found happiness again,” the insider tells The Sun. “She has been on the end of the phone and in person offering advice and support for the past seven years. She wouldn’t miss Jen’s wedding for anything.”

Really? Anything? Like even if her son and quasi new daughter-in-law told her it would make them feel awkward or perhaps hurt their feelings if she did? Look, I get that Jane has special feelings for Jen and that Jen sort of has no mom of her own. Fine. But that was eight years ago! Get on the truck and move on. Let’s assume this little tid bit is true. What is wrong with you Jennifer Aniston? I’d understand if Jen was still close with Brad or if she even rustled up a friendship with Angie. Then I wouldn’t think this was such a big deal. But that’s not the case, right? Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston hate each other. Why else does Jen let Chelsea Handler bash her at every turn?

So in that case, is this one last f-ck you to Angie? You might have got the man but I’ll always have his family type deal. Sorry, Jen  you got the short end of the stick on that one.

Also, I just read that Jen and Justin are planning a wedding in Kenya next year. When has Jennifer Aniston ever been to Kenya? Is this a Justin detail. Again, sorry to be so his and hers but don’t Angie and Brad own the rights to Africa? I know it’s a big place but they’ve adopted from there and had babies there. When you think Africa and celebrities you definitely think Jolie. I know, it’s not fair for them to hog Africa but wouldn’t you think Jen would avoid all comparisons to the couple? In that vein, she wouldn’t invite her ex-husband’s mother to her new wedding either.

What do you think about Jennifer Aniston inviting Jane Pitt to her nuptials. Is it sweet or kinda rude? Will Jane Pitt reuse her dress for the Angelina Jolie wedding?

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15 responses to “Jennifer Aniston Inviting Brad Pitt’s Mom To Wedding, Angelina Jolie Furious”

  1. realistic says:

    to the sic writer of this article – build a bridge and get over it yourself. WTF ???? and NO, JOlie dont own Africa – she dont even own selfrespect. so get a life

  2. simonesez says:

    I think it says a lot for the maturity and integrity of both Jennifer and Jane who have formed a bond of friendship that outlasted Jennifer’s marriage. I’ve seen it numerous times so why should this be any different. The so called triangle has been dead for years.

  3. Milly says:

    Great, why not. Surely it’s up to Jen and Brad’s Mom what they do with their time. They are friends, friends go to each others weddings….Jeanne, your so wrong, get on the truck and move on.

  4. get over it says:

    Wow, to the writer of this pathetic story.. Grow up you are the one who seems to hate jennifer aniston. She was married to brad for a number of years and was a daughter to Jane. You need to get over it and quit hating on people your jealous of. Jolie is just a sad excuse of a woman and is jealous of jen how many times do we need to read about this dead triangle!? Good luck jen and get married where u want too and don’t let people that write crap stories get in your way xx

  5. ann Hathaway says:

    Jen is just kind of trying to make angie and Brad Pitt mad.Anything to dig at them.She has just got to have the last dig.How immature.

  6. ann Hathaway says:

    She wants to get a dig in at Anjelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.She knows that irritates Angie.What a creep Jennifer anistonis and a troublemaker.

  7. star says:

    im just wondering when brad and angie are getting married

  8. tiitsie says:

    Jennifer is rude – insensitive and arrogant. It is not cool at all inviting jane thus mother figure is nothing but revenge so live angie’S family alone

  9. GiGi says:

    Look Jen wanted to have lunch with Angie awile back and Brad said no way so it didn’t happen… if Brad tells Jane not to go she won’t, no matter what Angie gave Jane grandchildren and that trumps Jen… besides she needs to fix her relationship with her own mom, grow up Jen.

  10. Brielle D'Avignon says:

    Jennifer and Justin can invite whoever they want – it’s their wedding.

    I think that they are having great fun with the Kenya idea – don’t worry they won’t be getting married there – but lots of fun to trump the attention-seeking, ever-self-righteous Saint Pitt-Jolie’s.

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  12. princessme says:


  13. Teresa says:

    Are you even serious?!?!!! If Jane and Jen care about each other then that is between the two of them and they don’t have to “move on” just because Brad is with Angelina. Wtf?!?!! Jennifer invited Jane because they are close FRIENDS, it has nothing to do with Brad and Angelina. That is a really sad, pathetic way to see things. If Angelina has a problem with it then she needs to grow the hell up.

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  15. dilla says:

    their friends so whats the big deal..gosh ppl get so hooked up into other ppl’s life that they think its their own..step back into surprise to see that most ppl r accepting cheaters n adulterers as an ok thing..