Breaking News: Justin Bieber Gets Selena Gomez Thrown Out Off The American Music Awards!

Breaking News: Justin Bieber Gets Selena Gomez Thrown Out Off The American Music Awards!

It looks like the split between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber just got a bit messier. Here at Celeb Dirty Laundry we’ve been telling you for the last week how Selena dropped Justin like a cheap purse full of model vomit after she suspected he was getting his little beeble blown, or worse, with Victoria’s Secret model, Barbara Palvin!  The former lovebirds met up last weekend but apparently reconciliation was the furthest thing from Selena’s mind. Instead this week she is rumored to have blocked Justin from calling or texting her directly.

The Bieber machine had to swing back and try to correct course.  Now his handlers have taken giant steps to try and save Justin from looking like a major ass at The American Music Awards this weekend. According to a Hollywood Life source, Selena will not be appearing on the show,

The seating arrangement at the upcoming American Music Awards HAS changed, Justin and Selena will NOT be seated side-by-side.  Selena Gomez is NOT confirmed to be at The American Music Awards. In other words, she is not attending! If Selena would like to attend the show, that is up to her. It’s her decision. If Justin and Selena were still an item, I would assume she would be coming to support him. It’s a big night for Justin.”

Granted this night really is about Justin and his accomplishments this past year – and no we don’t mean getting it on with hot models – but can you even imagine the scene that a happy, stunning Selena would cause on that red carpet?  There would have been no way around Justin looking like a disloyal douche and his management knew it!  They have to make sure that Selena and Justin will not be in the same venue after the split, right? Scooter Braun must be sticking pins in Selena voodoo dolls and hiding the keys to bratty Bieb’s cars and motorcycles lest the heartbroken boy do a Mike Tyson.  Just imagine, the mercenary masters of Justin’s career are faced with an unexpected event that they can’t spin – Justin Bieber has been dumped, and publicly, because he is a douche!  Hurray for the truth!

I have to wonder if she would even want to be there. Would she want to show all the fans how good she is or are the AMA’s the last place on earth this former Disney star would want to appear? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!