Kate Middleton Fears Pippa Middleton Will Still Be An Embarrassment

Kate Middleton Fears Pippa Middleton Will Still Be An Embarrassment

Kate Middleton who is now Catherine Windsor, Duchess of Cambridge, has been giving Pippa Middleton some tips on working in America. Pippa pissed off royal peeps last April, when she waved a gun around in a car in Paris. Self-admitted royalists clicked their tongues and sipped from their Princess Diana teacups. Pips and Katy have been spotted together at the Wimbledon finals and sources now claim that they’re closer than ever.

A source close to Kate said to LOOK magazine, “Kate clearly wanted to show that Pippa is truly back in the royal fold. The pair has been spending more time together and Kate’s even been giving her some tips for her promo tour around the USA when she launches her party planning book there in October.”

Pippa’s book is called “Celebrate”, but it was previously reported that several of the senior royals were afraid of Pippa embarrassing her sister, so they didn’t want her to promote her book. A person of Pippa’s caliber will appear on almost every known talk show with her promotional tour.

A source said recently, “She would normally be expected to appear on every chat show under the sun. I know she won’t do anything that she hasn’t run by the duchess’ advisers, but it is still a very tricky situation.”

Pippa was offered numerous ghost writers to pen the book, but she refused, and wanted to write the book herself. The source added, “She was offered a whole host of ghost writers but said no to them all and is very proud that it is all her own work. I just don’t think she appreciated how much work it would take and may need some help from her editors.”

Well, if you can do it yourself, why the need to get an anonymous scribe to write down what you’re thinking? It’s like getting a person with dementia to help you remember where you misplaced your keys.

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