Punk’d Season 9 Episode 10 Live Recap 5/31/12

Punk'd Season 9 Episode 10 Live Recap 5/31/12

Tonight is episode 10 of MTV’s Punk’d. The show was created by “Two and a Half Men'”s Ashton Kutcher and features pranks on celebrities called “being punk’d”.

After a five year hiatus, the show came back with a different twist; a celebrity guest host would be featured in each episode. So far we’ve had Justin Beieber, Bam Margera, Hayden Panettiere, Tyler The Creator, Lucy Hale, Nick Cannon (my favourite), Dax Shepard, Miley Cyrus and Heather Morris.

This week Kellan Lutz will be the celebrity guest host and the celebrities being punk’d will be “Dancing with the Stars” alumni Julianne Hough, “Awkward”’s Ashley Rickards and “Scream 4”‘s Aimee Teegarden.

Sneak peek ahead: Ashton Kutcher will be reviving his role in epidode 11 as host and he will be punking one of reality TV’s most famous socialite, Kim Kardashian. Do you remember when Kim was very upset to learn that she has psoriarsis, she whined that people don’t understand the pressure on her to look perfect. Well, I can’t wait to see what Ashton has in store, hopefully he destroy her “perfect” little image.

In other Punk’s news, MTV will be airing all the episodes from this season to date during their marathon mania of Punk’d leading up to the “2012 MTV Movie Awards” on Sunday, June 3rd, 2012.

Tonight Punk’d airs at 10pm on MTV. Don’t forget to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry each week because we will be live blogging Punk’d.

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RECAP: The crew is starting with Julianne Hough and they learned how she is quick to helping people in need. They built a sand pit where her brother will start sinking in, then the other guy will enter the pit making her choose between the two. Julianne and her brother are going to be going to a false meeting and her brother Derick is going to get out the car and fall in the pit. Julianne and Derick arrive to the scene and he gets out the car and falls into the pit. Julianne is freaking out and swearing. Derick is cursing and saying he hurt his elbow. Julianne can’t find her phone and Derick says he has it. Andrew comes out and approaches the two. He says it’s a broken sewage line, so Derick is stuck in literal crap.

Andrew goes back to his truck to get something, he’s got his pool equipment. He gives Julianne a pool net to try and help Derick out of the pit, Derick grabs on but even though Julianne and Andrew are pulling on it he wont come out. So Andrew goes closer to the pit and tells Julianne that she has great toes, Andrew starts to try and grab Derick. Andrew falls into the pit and starts faking a panic attack and is screaming he’s sinking in. Kellan and the crew then runs out and yells that she got punk’d.

The next victim is Ashley Rickards and she will run to an interview and trip over a hose of oil, spilling all over the street and their wondering if she will help clean it up. Ashley arrives to the scene and drives over the hose and Andrew starts explaining that it’s a corrosive substance. Another guy is acting that he swallowed a lot of it and is coughing a lot, Andrew passes a water hose to spray into the guys eyes. Ashley is squirting the water into his eyes and now people are honking their horns and yelling at them for blocking the street, Andrew starts telling them off for coming down the closed street. Ashley starts talking to the guy in the car and he comes out of the car to come help, Andrew starts making her put her finger in his mouth to make him throw it up. Kellan and the crew comes out and tells her she just got punk’d.

Next victim is Aimee Teagarden, they are going to make think she is going on a show and the little girl whose a costar will be yelled at by her strict father. Aimee arrives to the scene and startstalking to Makenzie about when she started acting, the dad starts saying that he has to read with Makenzie instead of Aimee. The dad starts being demanding and insulting his daughters way of speaking. The daughter mentions how her dad killed her hamster and her dad says with her skills she’ll have to sleep her way to the top. Makenzie admits she doesn’t like acting to Aimee and Aimee leaves to go pick someone up. Aimee comes back to the house and then the father asks for Makenzie what she said to him, Makenzie says she doesn’t want to act but he forces her. The dad comes back and Makanezie tells him that Amee told her she doesn’t want to, her dad starts saying that Makanezie is his money maker and that she is his main source of income. Amee starts saying she is taking Makaenzie for lunch and then Kellan and the crew runs out and tells her she just got punk’d.

What did you think about the show tonight? My favorite was seeing Julianne Hough get punk’d. Don’t forget to come back next week when Ashton Kutcher is the host and he will be punking Kim Kardashian and Drake.