Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Giudice On Anderson Cooper Shows She’s A Bitch

Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Giudice Shows Anderson Cooper She’s A Bitch

Anderson Cooper started out by telling Teresa Giudice she’s mean! He then showed a clip to explain his point: it’s of her at the reunion telling Caroline Manzo she has 3 rolls of fat! He told her “why would you say something so cruel, you’re not 12 years old!.” He also said, “she should leave Jaqueline Laurita alone, her kid has autism!”  As if having with a child with autism ought to give parents a free pass – how stupid is Anderson?  Guess he hasn’t recovered from his boyfriend, Ben Maisani, cheating on him with a random stud in Central Park.

Not much to say there, Teresa did her usual, I’m perfect and it’s everyone else! Long story short, Teresa basically said she’s the victim!  I find this tidbit interesting, there’s a possibility of Teresa, returning to Anderson Cooper Live tomorrow, only to bash Caroline Manzo!

Early this morning Jacqueline was posting texts from Teresa, after a while she tweeted a truce! It read:

‘Let’s make a deal, I won’t interfere in ur life if ull stop interfering in mine. Let’s keep each other’s name out of our mouths!!!’

Here’s the breakdown to the confusion about Baldy and his involvement in Strippergate –  Teresa’s orchestrated outing of Mellisa Gorga as a former stripper. Johnny is the man in the picture below with Teresa as well as his wife Penny (who owns the salon)!!! Baldy was just a PR guy hired, for the salon that day, when Teresa and Kim went to get their makeup done.

When they walked into the salon, Baldy (Angelo) said “Melissa (Gorga) was a dancer for him“!

Now when Teresa was introduced to Johnny (whom she clearly already knew before, from the photo that was taken at Bliss), she said “nice to meet you“!!!

But Johnny posted this photo 5 days before, the salon shoot, where Teresa and Kim were getting their makeup done!  In the photo you clearly see Teresa, Johnny, and his wife Penny, partying together at the Bliss Bash!

Now there you have it, the sneaky snake Teresa is getting sloppy and shedding her skin!

When Baldy (Angelo) was talking to the dark hair girl at the Poshe Show, he said, “Johnny called and wanted me to do this thing for Teresa and Kim!”  This is the Johnny he was referring to! I hope this clears up Strippergate for many fans!!!  As far as Teresa Giudice on Anderson Cooper – well we already new she was a bitch!

Great Night at Bliss

Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Giudice On Anderson Cooper Shows She’s A Bitch

  • Is Penny the Seahag with the badly bleached white Dee Snider synthetic crap ass wig on her head. What a scarey looking wench? Halloween’s next month Bitch. Shit, That chick is uglier then homemade soap! & Kim Di Pukeola is a blow monkey & 47 year old drag queen cray cray loser. Teresa 1 word dear. RUN!

  • luke

    Two words explains everything, JERSEY TRASH

    • jana

      Melissa is not a saint

      • I don’t know Melissa’s past if that’s what you’re referring to. She seems sweet and talented to me…Aggie

      • Are you referring to Melissa’s “past” actions? I don’t know about that…

    • well…not as bad a the other one…Snooki trash….

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  • Mj

    This is not the same guy people!! I dont really like Teresa but when she asked Meliisa if she knew him she said no then she back tracked and said she was a bartender at the club.

    • I think that reply was that she wasn’t “stripper” she was a bartender at the time.

  • Sela

    Jac must take care the kid.
    Teresa must leave the show…they pick on her…
    Melissa Gorga she’s vulgar….the way she curses
    Manzo she’s on old bag…
    Wakile she has a jackass hubby….

    • Don’t agree…no one picks on Teresa! She’s the problem! Melissa is talented and sweet and not the trouble maker.

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  • Joe is low…I hate anyone using the “C” word much less a man like Joe. He should know better…there is no word as bad used against a woman, even Teresa..!

  • Dotty

    If you don’t like anyone but Teressa then there is something wrong with you. Teressa thinks the while world revolves around her. She’s not the victim. There is nothing wrong with Kathy’s husband. He is a great guy. Maybe u if the viewers that don’t care for anyone else but teressa should just watch something else or do you like seeing terrssa make a fool of herself.