Aviva Drescher Likens Ramona Singer To A Disgusting Table Dancer

Aviva Drescher Likens Ramona Singer To A Disgusting Table Dancer

Last night’s episode of The Real Housewive’s of NYC sure didn’t disappoint. I’m kind of amazed at how much they managed to pack into that hour and of course, the centerpiece to the whole episode was the catfight between Aviva Drescher and Ramona Singer. The two have been at odds since that (non)girls trip to St. Bart’s that we watched play out over three episodes. Ramona and her partner in crime, Sonja Morgan, spent the trip drunk out of their minds and you know as well as I do, when the drinks are flowing neither girl is inclined to behave themselves. One was naked and the other was grinding constantly.

Ramona felt that Aviva bringing her husband ruined the whole vibe of the trip and that’s what started what has turned into a full out war. Aviva decided to try and talk to Ramona over brunch because at least there was a chance that she’d catch her sober then. Ramona turned up wearing huge round sunglasses which made Aviva openly speculate on whether or not Ramona was already drunk. Off came the glasses to reveal Ramona’s very sober looking eyes and out came the claws.

These women are so ugly to each other and while I generally agree that Ramona is too old to be “gyrating on tables in such a disgusting manner”, I don’t understand why Aviva is so personally afflicted by it. She looks like she’s going to throw up down the front of her old lady dress (seriously, picture the well dressed 70 year old woman shopping in a department store- that’s Aviva).  You’d think that she was dealing with an out of control daughter the way that she carries on. I’m not a Ramona fan normally but at least I understand the mind of someone that drinks Pinot Grigio all day long. You can blame Ramona’s brand of crazy on the booze and believe me Aviva does, repeatedly. She scolded her saying that friends don’t let friends drive drunk, meaning that Ramona wasn’t helping poor Sonja out while in St. Bart’s. The comment made virtually no sense because, as Ramona pointed out, no one was driving. Yet this one liner off of a billboard became Aviva’s repetitive statement of the night.

The whole housewife franchise THRIVES on a bit of crazy. We watch Teresa Giudice because as horrid as she is, you feel kind of bad for her because you know she has serious problems behind closed doors and she’s trying to put on a good front. The same with Sonja, yes she is barreling off the out of control, slippery slope, but you kind of get it- she’s hurting and that humanizes her.

Aviva is the bottom of the barrel. There is nothing appealing or relatable about her. She is just that chick that people scatter from, just as the entire cast has done over the course of only one season together. She may believe she’s right in her harsh criticism, but she’s alone at the end of every episode.

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