Suspicious Accident As Vehicle Carrying Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Struck By Dump Truck

Suspicious Accident As Vehicle Carrying Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Struck By Dump Truck

Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise were involved in a car accident Monday evening while riding in the back of their black Mercedes sedan in New York City. It seems that the recently separated Katie and her daughter escaped the collision with the dump truck unscathed. At this time there is no suggestion that the accident was anything other than an ‘accident.’

There has been so much silly talk about Katie being in danger after filing for divorce from Tom Cruise that news of Katie Holmes’ car accident immediately arouses our suspicions. We are waiting to hear that The Church of Scientology was behind the collision – maybe to give Katie a warning.   Of course the absurd stories of Suri being a potential kidnapping victim also abound.   So far we haven’t heard any suggestions that Tom or Scientology had anything to do with Monday’s fender bender – let’s hope we don’t.

The only danger that Suri is in stems from her mother.  The risk is that Katie will continue to use her daughter to generate the maximum amount of public sympathy.  Like the kid needs to be surrounded by paparazzi every day?  As if it is isn’t bad enough that her parents just split up?

Katie has been making the most of her photo ops as she schleps Suri about NYC trying to do her best to look like a movie star mom.  Of course Katie is counting on all the buzz from the divorce to boost her mediocre acting career – something that her 5 painful years of marriage to Hollywood’s highest earning actor didn’t manage to accomplish.

BANG Reports:

The former ‘Dawon’s Creek’ actress and her six-year-old child were riding in the back of a black Mercedes sedan when it was struck by a dump truck in New York yesterday (16.07.12) evening.

No one was reported hurt in the incident, which onlookers say was minor.

One source said: “It was nothing major other than the fact that it was Katie Holmes.”

Police arrived on the scene and noted the actress’ chauffeur-driven vehicle had sustained a large dent and several scratches to the rear driver side panel after the Volvo truck – from Classic Sanitation Recycling New York Corp – had apparently backed into the luxury vehicle.

Do you think that Katie is at risk from Scientology’s fanatics?  Or do you agree with me that Scientology wishes they’d never heard of Katie Holmes and wouldn’t go near her under any circumstances?  Is Tom Cruise the worst thing that ever happened to Scientology in terms of its public image? Does Katie Holmes’ car accident strike you as suspicious? Let us know in the comments below.

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