American Idol Season 12: Insider Review and SPOILERS – What You Can Expect

American Idol Season 12: Insider Review and SPOILERS - What You Can Expect

Today is the day, dear readers. Today is the day American Idol season 12 premieres. The show has been revamped and rebooted for a new generation of Idol lovers. Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, and the returning Randy Jackson will be facing a deluge of great singers, not-so-great singers, and horrific singers during the audition rounds of Idol. Celeb Dirty Laundry did some investigation to find out what the new season holds in terms of format changes, judging feuds, and production revamps.

Contestants: One of the first changes we’ll witness will be during the Hollywood round of competition. The singers will be divided by gender much earlier and the 276 strong talent pool will be whittled down to only 40 semifinalists in a swifter fashion. Most Idol fans have complained during recent years that Idol places too much focus on Hollywood round and draws out the competition to an absolutely unbearable monotony.

The infamous Las Vegas round was expanded and will now cover two weeks of competition. The second part of Las Vegas round will also be the first part of the semifinals – from a pool of 20 semifinalists, viewers will be able to choose their top 10 Idol finalists.

There will be no wild cards and no top 12/13 finalists this time around. There will only be a top 10. The final stretch of competition will reach a resolution much quicker – it’s been proven by X-Factor USA that the live rounds shouldn’t be drawn out like in previous Idol seasons, as viewers become bored much quicker and the show, in turn, loses valuable viewership figures.

Judges: For the first time in Idol’s history, the focus will be placed solely on the judges during the edited audition and Hollywood rounds. Once the live shows swing around, the contestants will get their time to shine. According to Fox reality chief Mike Darnell, “It is a lively, entertaining, passionate, argumentative, incredible panel. … They’re more active than the judges were last year. There’s more arguments, more disagreements, just a lot more debate. Nicki and Mariah certainly have had their moments, but all of the judges have had their moments. Keith’s had his moments with both girls, and even Randy, who has been there 11 years, got caught up in it.

Ratings: Idol’s ratings have waned in recent years, so producers decided to change everything this season and approach the show with a new found vigor. In 2011, when Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez were introduced, the show received excellent viewership figures, but soon after, the Young Adult demographic – the most important demographic for advertisers – lost 28% of its total share. The 11th season finale was also the least watched finale in Idol’s 11 year history.

There you have it. American Idol’s 12th season will be unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed. Celeb Dirty Laundry will, as always, be your number one guide to all things Idol this season. Remember to bookmark CDL and check back here regularly for Idol news, reviews, recaps, and spoilers. We tune in so you don’t have to tune out!