Lindsay Lohan and Accomplice Ray Lemoine Sought by Police For Brutal Beating of Barron Hilton – Paris Hilton’s Revenge Gets Closer

Lindsay Lohan and Accomplice Ray Lemoine Sought by Police For Brutal Beating of Barron Hilton - Paris Hilton's Revenge Gets Closer

24-year-old Barron Hilton was brutally beaten and he claims that Lindsay Lohan orchestrated the attack — by ordering one of her thugs to seek him out after someone allegedly overheard him talking smack about her at a party. According to sources, Barron attended a party last night at a Miami mansion where Lindsay just so happened to be residing (while in town for an art festival). Barron was accused of ragging on Lindsay and, not much later, he endured a nasty beat-down.

The authorities were eventually called to the scene and Barron told police that Lindsay approached him with a large fella by her side. Barron said that she walked up to him and said, “‘You talk sh*t about me to my boyfriend, this is what you get.'” The man then began to beat Barron, all while Lindsay stood their watching, laughing, and reportedly egging him on to continue.

TMZ reports that Barron didn’t know the identity of his attacker but that it’s clearly obvious Lindsay was the puppeteering mastermind behind the punches. Michael Lohan claims that Lindsay had absolutely nothing to do with this incident and that there are multiple security guards and individuals who’d be able to vouch for his daughter.

UPDATE: Decemeber 6 – TMZ has video proving that Michael Lohan lied – Lindsay can be seen clearly talking to Barron after his beating!!! Check out the video.

The tension existing between the Hiltons and LiLo is common knowledge. While it seems unlikely that Barron would fabricate this story as some cruel prank, stranger things have happened. Though, what would he have to gain from making up a story like this? Not really much of anything. I suppose it’s another game of WHO DO YOU BELIEVE?

UPDATE: December 7 – noon – TMZ – Barron Hilton Rushed To Hospital

Barron Hilton’s injuries from a beat down — which he claims Lindsay Lohan masterminded — have gotten serious enough that he’s seeking emergency treatment in Miami … TMZ has learned.

Paris Hilton’s bro is staying at the Fontainebleau Hotel … where an ambulance arrived last night to take him to the hospital.

TMZ broke the story … Barron was partying at a Miami mansion early Friday morning when he says Lindsay accused him of talking trash, and then had a male friend beat the crap out of him.

Barron was left bloodied with several cuts to his face — and sources close to the Hiltons tell us the injuries are so bad … he was advised to seek medical treatment immediately.

We’re told Barron turned down the ambulance at his hotel, and instead got private transport to the University of Miami Hospital … where he received various treatments — including a CT scan.

UPDATE: December 8 – 1 PM – TMZ – Barron’s Attacker Identified and Sought by Police, Along With Lindsay Lohan

The man who beat up Barron at Lindsay’s behest has been identified by witnesses at the party where the beating took place as Ray Lemoine of New York State. Officers have been searching for Lindsay and Ray since yesterday but the two have given police the slip. Lindsay checked out of her hotel yesterday in a hurry after refusing to see police or answer their questions – cops came without a warrant – Ray is being sought by police at this time. TMZ says that their sources say the cops “are on a mission to crack this case.”

This news that police are taking this case seriously compounded with Saturday’s open threats by Paris Hilton against Lindsay and Ray Lemoine mean that we can expect some results.  When rich well-connected people get hurt and angry they get action.  The Hiltons are nothing if not rich and well-connected!

Stay tuned to CDL as we will keep you updated on this case – this could just be time Lindsay’s going to really hit hard.  She certainly deserves it.

UPDATE: December 8 – 19:00  Ray Lemoine’s rep makes a statement! Click Here

Lindsay Lohan and Accomplice Ray Lemoine Sought by Police For Brutal Beating of Barron Hilton - Paris Hilton's Revenge Gets Closer