Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles Embrace Islam and The Koran? Kate Middleton Disgusted!

Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles Embrace Islam and The Koran? Kate Middleton Disgusted!

Camilla Parker Bowles is really a very enterprising woman. She seems to be able to take any situation and find a way to spin it into something that can be used to push Kate Middleton’s buttons. Prince Charles may not exactly look like a leader in training but he is one for learning. Charles speaks several languages and has been working with a teacher to learn Arabic. Apparently Charles wants to be able to read the Koran from one end to another on his own, but Arabic is proving to be a bit harder than he expected.  Charles and Camilla’s current controversial visit to Saudi Arabia, during a week in which the kingdom beheaded 7 men, highlighting their abysmal human rights record, also shed more light on his interest in the Koran.

Camilla knows that Kate is very rooted in the Church of England and has absolutely no interest in straying from the religion into which she was baptized and the one to which every member of the British Royal Family must belong by law! That’s why Camilla has been talking about her husband’s interest in the Koran and how they both intend to look into the Muslim religion – to rile pregnant Kate and take away attention from her. In Kate’s mind it is just one more way that Camilla is trying to embarrass the royal family and their well-established Christian faith. She also thinks that it’s crazy to even consider such a thing if Charles were to have any hope of keeping his spot, next in line to the throne.

Charles’ spot in line has been in question. Queen Elizabeth is rumored to have promised Prince William that if he produced an heir then he would step past his father and be the next King. Camilla has been fighting tooth and nail to prevent that. She has taken to badmouthing the newlyweds any chance that she gets and is always giving the queen numerous reasons why William is too immature to be King first.

In between character assassination attempts Camilla also says anything and everything just to get to Kate. Taking an interest in Islam is no doubt another of those attention seeking ploys to grab headlines and make Kate roll her eyes.

Can you imagine the royals changing their religious leanings? King Henry VIII famously dumped the Roman Catholic Church – Can see Charles swinging Great Britain towards adopting Islam as the official state religion? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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