Kate Middleton Bikini Baby Bump Scandal – Camilla Parker-Bowles Laughs! (Photos)

Kate Middleton Bikini Baby Bump Scandal - Camilla Parker-Bowles Laughs! (Photos)

How is it that Kate Middleton gets papped on the private island of Mustique where photogs aren’t even allowed anywhere near? What’s that? Camilla Parker-Bowles, you say? I heard you loud and clear. And I think it’s pretty obvious, too. Prince William’s stepmother is the source behind the latest pics of Kate sporting her bumpikini on holiday with her hubby.

Can’t you just see Camilla secretly plotting behind the closed doors of Clarence House to have pics published of Kate lazing around on ANOTHER vacation? While the palace is officially “disappointed” that Kate’s bump bikini has been snapped and sold to Italian Chi Magazine, Camilla is elated. This is just another notch in her plans to get the world to see Kate and Will in an unflattering light.

She’s worried that the glamorous star pair are outshining her and Prince Charles, and with good reason. Popular opinion is for the dowdy old pair to step down and make room for Will and Kate, and let’s just say it’s easy to see how Camilla could whisper into Charles’s ear that Kate needs to be got rid of for not only his sake, but for Will’s sake, too.

I mean, who even knew that Camilla launched a new initiative recently to distribute hundreds of wash bags filled with toiletries to victims of rape and sexual assault? Clearly, Camilla wanted this fresh batch of bump bikini pics to put Kate in a bad light. But instead of people congratulating Camilla on her notable efforts while questioning what Will and especially Kate have done for their fawning public lately – other than attending glittering red carpet gala events (because that’s such hard work!) – all everyone can talk about is how beautiful Kate looks with her adorable baby bump. All anyone cares about is Kate, Kate, Kate, and even poor Will is being pushed to the background. Rumor has it that at one of the last events he went solo to, the crowd went silent with disappointment when they saw Kate wasn’t on the red carpet with him. Ouch!

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It’s hard to say who I feel sorry for – Kate, or Camilla? And can I really blame for Camilla for going to such sneaky, backstabbing lengths to protect her future position as queen? Wouldn’t any woman do the same if she was in danger of being bypassed for the crown in favor of a younger, prettier and much more popular woman? And it’s not like Camilla hasn’t done something like this before…

If that’s Camilla I hear quietly cackling with glee on Feb. 13 when Kate’s bumpikini pics hits stands in Chi Magazine – with more to follow, for sure – I can’t say I might not join her!

Photo Credit: Chi, Closer and FameFlynet