Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theorux to Blame for Courteney Cox’s Broken Wrist

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theorux to Blame for Courteney Cox's Broken Wrist

Courteney Cox got into a little pickle while down in Mexico recently. Courteney’s Cancun vacation was cut short, when she fell and broke her wrist on Saturday. According to TMZ, Courteney managed to slip and tried to break her fall, in the process snapping her wrist. Mexican doctors came to her hotel room and determined that the broken wrist was muy malo! So, they put a cast on her arm and she booked it back to the US faster than the cartoon mouse “Speedy Gonzales” used to steal cheese!

It is unknown was caused Courteney’s fall. Was she a little tipsy or just plain old clumsy? Who knows?! Perhaps she suffered, not Montezuma’s revenge, but Justin Theroux’s revenge! It’s no secret that Courteney doesn’t approve of Jennifer’s relationship with Justin – despite her denials to the contrary. Courteney thought Justin was just gonna be the next stop on the Aniston “trail of tears.” Or maybe she saw him as a star climbing opportunist! She also didn’t like the way Jennifer’s behavior changed and new potty mouth she developed from hanging around Justin. Ironically, Saturday was Justin’s 42nd celeb-filled birthday party birthday, thrown by Jennifer, in Bel Air. There were over 80 people in attendance including, Tobey Maguire and Ben Stiller, but no Courteney.  Let’s face it – if Jennifer and Justin hadn’t cut Courteney off then she’d have been at the birthday bash and wouldn’t have broken her wrist.  I blame the JJ couple for Courteney’s injury!

The relationship between BFFs (I think we can say former BFFs now) Jennifer and Courteney has cooled considerably since Justin came on the scene. I don’t know if it’s Jennifer’s desperation to get married and have a baby by any means necessary, or if it’s just a case of two friends growing apart because their lives have gone in different directions. Courtney’s a divorced single mom and Jennifer’s divorced and until Justin appeared, was constantly on the prowl for a new man, whereas Courteney focused on her marriage – until it ended – and her daughter.

I’m not sure if Jennifer’s making the right choice in choosing Justin, who has allegedly told her to upgrade her friendship list, over her friend. Really?! You’re the one who’s been upgraded, Justin! He’s gone from Justin Who? To Justin Theroux, fiancee of Jennifer Aniston. I mean, she’s already dangled the no pre-nup carrot and the man still wont marry her! He wont even get her pregnant! She’s betting it all on love and I hope she wins.

6 responses to “Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theorux to Blame for Courteney Cox’s Broken Wrist”

  1. HollywoodHiccups says:

    What the heck did court do to her face… she prob saw herself in the mirror, was shocked and fell and broke her face lol

  2. drdebo cherry says:

    Aniston’s “trail of tear.”- will never end until she gets over her faded hollywood dream and find a REAL-boyfriend.

  3. Pamela says:

    Her face is bad, still hope she recovers soon!

  4. thebutcher says:

    She’s too old to get pregnant. She’s just plain selfish if she pops a kid out at her age

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  6. Jan says:

    Aniston’s always had a potty mouth…this isn’t something new.