Dance Moms Star Abby Lee Miller Desperate To Join Dancing With The Stars

Dance Moms Star Abby Lee Miller Desperate To Join Dancing With The Stars

While Dancing With The Stars might be a step down for major stars like John Stamos, it’s a huge deal for reality stars such as Dance MomsAbby Lee Miller.

Miller has been rumored to be joining the next season of Dancing with the Stars, and in a recent interview, she stated that despite her rumored feud with DWTS regulars Derek Hough and Mark Ballas, she would love to join the show, but not as one of the stars.

She explains, “I would love to be on it, maybe I’ll just talk to those producers about another show, who knows? I just was never into performing. It’s just hard work. It’s hard work … I like to choreograph and create and design the costumes and do it all and then step back and watch it and then move on to the next project.”

Well, she’s clearly not as interested in becoming one of the ‘stars’ since she would run the risk of being paired with Hough or Ballas, and she obviously doesn’t want that. She claims that they talked ‘smack’ about Dance Moms, and then adds,I’m not giving that little skinny blond guy any more credit.”

Well, Miller clearly doesn’t seem like one to forgive and forget, but there are also rumors that Hough will be leaving this season – which might pave the way for Miller to join. Despite her statements on not wanting to join the show as one of the ‘stars’, I’m sure she wouldn’t turn it down if she was offered enough money.

What do you guys think of the rumors that Miller might be joining? Do you think she will join any of the backstage jobs, or will she join as a performer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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