Ireland Baldwin Hates Pregnant Stepmother Hilaria Thomas and is Jealous of Alec Baldwin’s Coming New Child (PHOTOS)

Ireland Baldwin Hates Pregnant Stepmother Hilaria Thomas and is Jealous of Alec Baldwin's Coming New Child

I think the only thing trickier than mothering a teenaged girl is having to be the stepmother to one! Seriously, it’s damn hard to get someone elses’ kid to respect you when at the end of every debate you hear the phrase, “You’re not my mother.” And this is precisely the situation that Alec Baldwin’s latest wife, Hilaria Thomas is dealing with. Add to that the fact that she is also 7 months pregnant and you better believe Ireland Baldwin, Alec’s daughter with Kim Basinger, hates her guts!

According to the July 22nd print edition of Star Magazine there is absolutely no love lost between these two. Ireland plays the role of jealous teen perfectly and resents the attention that Alec pays to Hilaria. She constantly points out how she thinks Alec already loves this baby more than he ever loved her and the 30 Rock star is having none of it.

Alec believes that Ireland is and always has been a spoiled brat that needs to be put in her place constantly. While he wants to have a relationship with her he refuses to tolerate her disrespectful behavior towards him and Hilaria. Bridging the gap between his daughter and wife is proving to be nearly impossible too and insiders believe things will only get worse once the new baby arrives. If Ireland is already jealous of an unborn child how hateful will she be once her half brother or sister arrives?

This is the point where I have to say of course Ireland is a train wreck, she is Alec’s daughter! Can you imagine being related to this guy? While he is a successful actor his personal actions are often downright disgusting and embarrassing. I can’t imagine any teenager of his ending up any better than Ireland seems to be, can you? Tell us your thoughts on this messy family situation in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet