James Gandolfini’s Death at 51 Destroys “The Sopranos Movie” Hopes – Who Can Play Tony Soprano?

James Gandolfini's Death at 51 Destroys "The Sopranos" Movie Hopes - Who Can Play Tony Soprano?

James Gandolfini passed away today due to a possible heart attack. He leaves behind a wife and son. Primarily known for his role as the brutal mob boss Tony Soprano in The Sopranos, he was both brutal in his role but a hell of a character and role model to every male who didn’t need adult supervision! Those  who watched, primarily my dad, loved the show yet forbade me to watch it.  James manged to turned a ruthless philandering killer into the semi-lovable guy you want to share a pizza with. In everyday life the self-titled “260-pound Woody Allen” was known for being gentle and humble.

But damn! My dad was really waiting for the Sopranos Movie and the show ended six years ago. Jamie-Lynn Sigler, his TV daughter, hasn’t even had her baby yet. I would have liked to hear his congratulations on that.  But no matter what could have been I don’t think New Jersey should have been hit with this. Haven’t they’ve been through enough. That state will mourn this man like no one else. 

Some of us have decided to dedicate this coming weekend to a non-stop Soprano Weekend. All seasons. As for myself I have to build my stamina for this weekend but as of right now, I’m watching.

R.I.P. James Gandolfini – Tony Soprano

Photo Credit: FameFlynet