Jenelle Evans’ Husband, Courtland Rogers, Arrest Warrants and Skips Court

Jenelle Evans' Husband, Courtland Rogers, Arrest Warrants and Skips Court

Before getting married, most people make it a point to know their partner well, to verify wanting the same things in life, and establish boundaries—no drugs, no hitting, and so on. In December, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans confirmed that she is a terrible judge of character, marrying Courtland Rogers. The couple were at the court following up on his felony charges, and, like two delusional unfit adults in-horny, they got married. The honeymoon period was over before it began, and the couple have been plagued with ghosts of their bad mistakes. Jenelle became pregnant and miscarried, both have been accused of drug use, and neither seem able to keep their marital issues off Twitter.

Today, Radar Online confirmed that Courtland skipped a court date, and is avoiding several “warrants out for his arrest.” Like a reality TV-worthy idiot, Courtland tweeted, “Today . . .  . . . is going to be priceless !!!!” Priceless as in . . . you won’t make bail when they catch you? He’s apparently driven through two states already, and hasn’t reached his road to freedom. If crime movies have taught us anything, it’s that cell phones can be traced. What quality of life does Courtland expect to make for himself before he gets caught and shipped home to face his charges?

Courtland isn’t worried it, and accused Jenelle of taking “fake charges out on me.” While Courtland isn’t necessarily the most trustworthy of guys, Jenelle has done it before. The childless mom doesn’t seem to understand what it means to press charges, and seems to do it as a revenge move, instead of as a way to protect herself and seek justice. Is it possible that a court will order them both out of the country, and without any WiFi? I am totally sick of their antics . . . they’re train wrecks, and I don’t want to be around to watch them crash and burn! Do you think Jenelle can ever clean up her act, or is she doomed to a life of self-inflicted pain?