Jennifer Aniston And Stacy Keibler Hate Angelina Jolie With A Passion – Can You Blame Them?

Jennifer Aniston And Stacy Keibler Hate Angelina Jolie With A Passion - Can You Blame Them?

According to Star Magazine’s latest issue, Jennifer Aniston and Stacy Keibler are going all bitch fest on Angelina Jolie. We know Aniston hates her, but why the anger from Keibler? Well, a source for the mag claims that “after repeated attempts to form a relationship [with Jolie]”, Keibler is now “officially Team Aniston!

We’d also be Team Aniston – if we were drunk on Tequila party shots and bad beer.

A source explains, “Stacy has had it with Angie – she has made a huge effort to get to know her, but every time she’s made to feel inferior.” Well, Stacy, we’re sorry to burst your Clooney-bubble here, but Jolie really is one of the biggest celebrity and film stars on the planet. She’s such a big star that she’d make us have a nervous breakdown like a swinger in church if we ever had to bump into her…

According to a source, Keibler and Aniston did the drinking wine and bitchin’ thing recently when they “trash-talked Angie and described how high and mighty she acts.” The source continues, “Jen told Stacy to play Angie at her own game and ignore her completely.

Gossip myth busters report otherwise. According to them, this is not true and Keibler and Jolie “get along fine.” We doubt this, though. Jolie is an intimidating creature – much like a demi-god with a bad case of the munchies and revenge. We also have a sneaky suspicion that Jolie can be a cold-hearted bitch when she wants to be one, but let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and call her a warm-hearted bitch, shall we?

Whose team are you on dear reader? Are you on Team Aniston or Team Jolie and why? If these two could be pitted against one another in a celebrity death match, who do you think would win? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • coco

    definitely team

  • Funny the way someone want everyone in Hollywood to side with her like she is in elementary school. Move on with your life Jen-7 years is long enough. They have been together longer that you so call marriage.

    • Me

      Jen’s not the one that wrote this article, now is she? So why would you say she needed to move on? Because of an article someone who really is probably just as clueless as the rest of us about what really happens takes it upon themselves to write pitting them against each other? I think she has moved on just fine, as they all have. We are the ones that click and comment about every article about the subject encouraging the writers to write more. If anything, we are the ones that need to move on.

  • jhunted7667

    silence is GOLDEN , leave you enemies in Gods hands , he is the only one who can dispense punishment in a true and righteous fashion

  • denise

    definetely team jolie,were ever jolie go and whatever she does or say the world follow and so do i love angelina jolie.

  • wendy6

    These two should better move on. And don’t worry, Karma is a b. and Angelina will learn it the hard way one day.

  • woman power

    She’s such a disgusting men stealer woman, who doesn’t hate Jolie? All plastic, arrogant, no talent, ew

  • Angie is a jealous witch and hates all women. She views them as competition and is mentwlly ill with her inferiority complex. No wonder she has no friends. Brad gets what he deserves.