Jennifer Aniston Lying To Justin Theroux – Why is Jen Behaving Like She’s Cheating?

Jennifer Aniston Lying To Justin Theroux - What Is Jen Hiding From Fiance?

Finally, we’re hearing about what actual problems exist between Jennifer Aniston and her fiance, Justin Theroux. Money and self-indulgent spending seem to be big issues as Jen likes to spoil herself with serious retail therapy when stressed out or upset. Justin is a whole lot more frugal and doesn’t quite understand why Jen needed to drop $15 grand on new summer outfits when she has a closet full of clothes with the tags still attached. Perhaps Justin hasn’t thought about the fact that a good deal of those clothes are likely way too small for Jen’s shifting weight!

According to the Aug. 26th print edition of GLOBE magazine Jen is now shopping like crazy but then quickly stashing the new items from Justin. Apparently he’s a thrift shop kind of guy and in spite of making amazing money he can’t justify spending a lot on everyday clothes. Jen’s stress due to postponing the wedding has resulted in more spending which, when Justin finds out, turns into a big issue between them. Unfortunately there is no date on the calender in the near future so it looks like Jen is going to be hiding a lot more from her man or else she better cut back and give her bank account a rest!

Do you think money is just another excuse for these two not to marry? Do you see this wedding ever happening or are Jen and Justin one of those couples that will never really do it? They’ll stay engaged for years and then eventually go their separate ways?  Are they just a mismatch trying to convince themselves that they’re a great match? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Jennifer Aniston arriving on a flight at LAX in Los Angeles, California on August 17 – she didn’t have to sit near Angelina Jolie – phew!

One response to “Jennifer Aniston Lying To Justin Theroux – Why is Jen Behaving Like She’s Cheating?”

  1. patty c says:

    This story is so fake it’s ridiculous. Firstly, Jennifer Aniston is a working actress. That requires dressing up whether it’s for a red carpet or for public activities. All actors/actresses do it, not just this particular one. Secondly, Jennifer Aniston is independently wealthy and can afford to pay for her own goods so why should she be required to ask “permission”?
    Lastly, it’s well know Celebdirtylaundry is anti-Aniston and most stories published here are false. I only check out this blog for the photos.