Kate Gosselin Hates Being Reminded of her Children’s Accomplishments: Those take up too much Space!

Kate Gosselin Hates Being Reminded of her Children's Accomplishments: Those take up too much Space!

When children bring home prizes and school projects, isn’t it the norm to keep all of that? I guess when you have eight children, it starts to get out of hand. According to Kate Gosselin, she doesn’t want reminders of her children’s accomplishments because it’s taking up too much space in the house. Um, that’s what storage is for?

Gosselin started tweeting about how school is almost out for the summer, and her children are starting to bring home all the school projects they have done over the last year. Gosselin says that she’s thinking of throwing out a few of the things, because it’s gotten too crowded. Again – storage.


She tweets, “Dear teachers-I’m 4ever grateful 4 all u do…HOWEVER,my house is now FULL of random books,artwork&papers! #trashbagsneeded #cantkeepitall.”

One of her followers was a teacher and jokingly replied, “Why do you think we send it home? Lol,” to which Kate replied, “uh huh, I got you pegged. Don’t worry ’bout that! Lol:)” 

Yes, it makes sense for her not to want to have all the stuff around her house. But considering that this is one of the biggest reminders of their childhood that her children will have in the future, she has an obligation to them to keep this stuff safe. Or at least, not throw it away in the trash. But then again, what else would you expect from a former washed up reality star?

I get that a lot of parents throw this kind of stuff away and it’s ‘normal’ to not want to keep all of your children’s pet projects and drawings, but it means a lot to them, and thereby, it should mean a lot to you. Plus, it’s pretty obvious what she’s trying to do with all these tweets – make herself seem like a relatable mom. I wonder if her next job will involve blogging about childcare?

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  • earsucker

    This woman is so disgusting

  • Chris

    She is truly a horrible person and the public is fed up with her; she should focus her energy on taking care of her children.

  • allie

    Well Kate, we kind of hate being reminded you exist.

    • Karen Bolick


  • lukebandit

    kate loves to throw things away from the kids, and even Jon. She was going to put Christmas ornaments in a yard sale that Jon’s father gave the kids and the twins cried and begged her not to because they were their grandfathers. She forced Jon to sell his golf clubs, possibly his dads. She is a control freak But she had plenty of room to store the big big pine cones that she stole from the trees in CA, where there was a big sign right there that said, DO NOT TOUCH OR TAKE THE PINE CONES. She walked in a forbidden area and got them and Jon was telling her not to do it and she blew him off. She thinks she can do anything, like she is super entitled. It is stealing. It is on TLC tape on one of the shows. The state park should of fined her for it, even if she was already back in PA. They showed the pine cones on the show that kate was trying to put the pine cones in a box and put it on a shelf in the garage. She went on a rampage on one show and went into the kids rooms and randomly picked things and put them in a black plastic garbage back and was screaming at the top of the stairs and she then threw the bag down the stairs. She is mentally ill.

  • amaryllis

    My parents threw that stuff out too, and I’m not a sextuplet. We also had a lot of storage. I’ve never once bemoaned the fact that I didn’t still have an ashtray with my hand print on it. We are breeding a generation of “precious snowflakes” who will never amount to anything.