Jessica Simpson Begs Kate Middleton For Weight Loss Help

Jessica Simpson Begs Kate Middleton For Weight Loss Help

Poor Jessica Simpson is getting harangued by the paparazzi and tabloids about her post-pregnancy weight loss, and there are reports on how Weight Watchers is pressuring her to drop the added pounds or risk a broken contract. But then you look at Kate Middleton, who already looks fit and is barely showing any baby weight, just weeks after her pregnancy.

Some of it has to do with body type. Jessica Simpson has always had a more difficult time shedding pounds, and she also has an easier time putting on weight. We’ve seen from her first pregnancy how much time it took for her to drop the pregnancy weight, and it’s just the way her system works. Kate on the other hand, always remained slim – even throughout the pregnancy – and her body has naturally bounded back after giving birth.

However, there are rumors that Jessica is looking to Kate for weight loss inspiration. It’s clear that Kate is doing something right, and Jessica reportedly hopes to ’emulate that’. Personally, I think it’s hard to ’emulate’ genetics, and I feel that Kate’s weight loss is mainly a result of her running around and taking care of her baby in combination with the way her body works, and unfortunately, Jessica doesn’t have that advantage.

In the end, I do think there is too much focus on these poor women to lose baby weight just days and weeks after they’ve had their babies. I know it’s Hollywood and it’s a superficial town, but at least give them a few months before the tabloid stories begin, right? To be fair, Jessica is under contract with Weight Watchers, but I’m sure she and Weight Watchers have worked out their own agreement after her pregnancy.

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    I too want Kate’s secret ;)