Kate Middleton Responsible For Prince William Breaking The Law?

Kate Middleton Responsible For Prince William Breaking The Law?

Prince William is planning to leave his RAF search and rescue helicopter role in order to take on new duties with more Royal obligations and fatherhood. The work of the RAF keeps him busy and away from Kate Middleton for up to 10 24-hour shifts each month. Kate has her dog Lupo, the Middleton clan, tons of servants, and a soon to be baby to keep her company – so why is she demanding the Prince quit the job he loves so much.

Kate Middleton Responsible For Prince William Breaking The Law?

Now that Kate is carrying a Royal heir she is forcing Prince William to break the law and leave the job he loves just to stay home with her and the many nannies this baby will have taking care of him/her. He will owe the taxpayer £400,000 if he quits early as a helicopter pilot to take up Royal duties but who cares he is the Prince (right?). The RAF chiefs have decided to write off the bill in the interests of the nation but would anyone else have gotten this form of forgiveness and let’s not forget the message the Prince will be sending – that it’s okay to be a quitter. The interest of the nation should be it is best to finish your obligation no matter what they are even if it’s a helicopter pilot. Kate’s persistence has finally paid off and now the spoiled, selfish, self-righteous Duchess of Cambridge will finally truly get her hands around Will’s royal throat.

Kate Middleton Responsible For Prince William Breaking The Law?

Kate was previously dumped in 2002 after Prince William graduated, again in 2005 after pressure from the Royal family. Kate no longer wants to be Waity Katie so she has talked Prince William into breaking the law and leaving the job he loves. Kate has waited on Prince William for over nine years and will not let a little thing like a job and career stand in between them and the baby. Kate, if only you could ask the late Princess Diana if marrying a Prince and having his kids means eternal happiness. Will Prince William grow to hate Kate for insisting he quit the job he loves just to hang around with her? Can’t she stand on her own for once? It’s not as if she has to any heavy lifting when Will is off with the RAF.

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4 responses to “Kate Middleton Responsible For Prince William Breaking The Law?”

  1. Oh poleeze,cdl. Kate did not insist on this at all, she is nota selfish person. your descriptions of her are so far off. Do you happen to know her personally? NOT !!!
    William is leaving officially and not owing any money when his tour ends as the Queen is handing over more official jobs to lighten her own load and prepare him to become King. Just you watch, within a year after the new heir’s birth she will hand over the throne to William as his father is unfit to reign. Especially with a bitter, alcoholic wife.

  2. jasandmaf says:

    He is not breaking the law, his term of duty has ended and he can leave or sign up for another term (his choice). Also Clarence house has mentioned on numerous occasions that the duke and duchess only have an occasional cleaner in Wales (where they currently live) and when they move to London they will only have one live in staff who will basically be a cleaner. Also Clarence house has mentioned that the duke and duchess will NOT be having a nanny unless when doing official engagements so they will have an occasional babysitter and what parent doesn’t have one of those!!! Have some bases of fact in your articles please.

  3. auds says:

    my email is minne as listed on Facebook and Twitter.It does not belong to anyone else!

  4. Pamela Evola says:

    Who wrote that nonsense…..