Kate Middleton’s Topless Obsession Forcing Her To Relocate Private Pool In New Home

Kate Middleton's Topless Obsession Forcing Her To Relocate Private Pool In New Home 0114

This story came out yesterday and I’m surprised more people didn’t jump on it. It’s hilarious! As you know, Queen Elizabeth gifted Prince William and Kate Middleton Anmer Hall in Norfolk for a country home. Apparently the couple has said that they intend to spend a lot of time there so they are gutting it to get it just right. A list of refurbishments including a new driveway, electric gates and moving the pool to a more sunny AND more secluded area has already been released. As you can tell most of the list has to do with privacy. Those Cambridges are paranoid, aren’t they? What could have happened to have made them so wary? Oh, right, Kate’s boobs. It seems Kate and Will still haven’t gotten over that little ‘ole booby and biscuit scandal from their vacation in France last summer.

But here’s where I have to laugh. Instead of sunbathing with her top on she’s just having the whole pool moved. Yes, why show restraint when you have enough money? I know. I know. I’m being snooty. Perhaps they are worried about their kids’ privacy when they are old enough to play in the pool. Perhaps the old pool location really doesn’t get enough light (although if I was Kate checking out that portrait I’d say I could afford to spend some time away from the rays). But, still, it’s just funny. This place will be an impenetrable fortress when William gets through with it.

Prince Charles has got to be shaking his head at all the precautions. Oddly enough, Anmer Hall is where he and Camilla Parker-Bowles spent some of their best years cheating. He’s probably thinking “If it was private enough for us then it should be private enough for you” but we kids just never want to listen to our philandering parents.

Do you believe Kate Middleton’s topless scandal had anything to do with the renovations? Are the Cambridges going a little overboard with their privacy worries?

Photo Credit: BIGUK/Flynetpictures.com