Khloe Kardashian Confirms Kris Jenner Is An Alcoholic, Mom Is Always Drunk (Video)

Khloe Kardashian Confirms Kris Jenner Is An Alcoholic, Mom Is Always Drunk (Video)

The best thing about the sprawling Kardashian family is that they don’t keep secrets from their fans. Even when they try to, news leaks. It makes for a great hobby! Well, last night Khloe Kardashian shared a video from a Clippers game in Los Angeles, during which Kris Jenner got totally wasted and had no idea where she was or what was going on! The Kardashians love sharing these intimate moments over Keek, and we appreciate it!

In the video, Kris is all giddy smiles and gushes, “Lakers game oh my god it’s a tweet. ok Twitter followers…it’s a Keek . . . oh! It’s a Keek and we’re at a Clipper game and I’m out of my mind…” It’s such a delight to see Kris completely let loose, with none of the faked formality and togetherness she likes to put forth on the show! Khloe interrupts her mom and takes over the video, explaining: “It’s not a Lakers game were at a Clipper game. My mom is fucking drunk what’s new? Hi Keekles!”

What we’re wondering is: what happened to make Kris let go so publicly? The Kardashian matriarch is normally all composed business, but here she is with no idea where she is! She certainly wasn’t setting a good example for Ireland Baldwin, who joined them for the game. My guess is that the stress of her divorce is getting to her, so she’s turning to the bottle! And she doesn’t even have the foresight to drink alone, at home, like a normal disgruntled celebrity—she’s doing it and then letting the world see!

Something is definitely rotten in the Kardashian mansion, but it’s hard to pinpoint what. This could all be an elaborate publicity hoax. Maybe Kris wants to jump on the celebrity rehab TV shows, and make an amazing comeback after her divorce drama pushed her over the edge. Or maybe this is the only glimpse of the real Kris we’re ever going to see! Which is it?

Video Credit: Keek – Image Credit: FameFlynet