Bruce Jenner Fights ‘Mom Pimp’ Kris Jenner As Nasty Divorce Continues

Bruce Jenner Fights ‘Mom Pimp’ Kris Jenner As Nasty Divorce Continues

It’s hard to side with someone who has had so much plastic surgery, but Bruce Jenner is dead right about Kris Jenner: the woman is evil incarnate without a drop of compassion. I may be putting my own suspicions into his mouth, but a new source confirms what we’re all thinking: Bruce wants out! Rumors of a split between him and momager/pimp Kris have been brewing for weeks, but everything finally clicked for Bruce after overhearing some nasty comments on Christmas during a Clippers game.

A family insider reported to Star Magazine, print edition January 14, 2013, “They can put on a good front for the public and deny their problems as much as they want, but the truth is that the Jenner household is in extreme chaos.” You know something is seriously wrong in a family when the fifteen-year-old daughter treats herself to Cartier and Louis Vuitton in celebration of New Year (as Kylie Jenner bragged about doing on Twitter earlier today). The girl is a high school drop out, model, actress, and Instagram enthusiast. What part of life isn’t treating herself? We’ve seen it season after season on Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Bruce wants Kylie and Kendall Jenner to live normal lives, Kris is already choreographing their sex tape debuts.

The insider even reported that Bruce is already worried Kris might “encourage Kendall to make a sex tape—and that Kris would be pulling the strings behind the scenes, making sure that word gets out. That way, Kris could benefit financially from the publicity, just like she did with Kim’s infamous sex tape.” Bruce is savvier than he looks though, and has already threatened “to get a restraining order barring [Kris] from any contact with himself and their girls.”  Kris has threatened to dish on his darkest secrets, but Bruce didn’t blink twice. “Kris can make all the threats in the world,” the insider noted, “but his record-breaking Olympic title shows how hard he works to achieve what he wants. You’d better believe he’ll find a way to win.”

Unfortunately, his kids have already chosen sides, if a new video from Kendall is to be considered. The 17-year-old model posted a video to her Keek account, in which she makes fun of Bruce as he plays a helicopter video game. It’s obvious she has no respect for her dad, and views him the way Kris does: as a sad pawn to be pushed around. And she isn’t alone in thinking so. At the Christmas Clippers game, Bruce “overheard Kim [Kardashian] cracking negative jokes to Kris about his appearance and intellect, saying ‘he’s a total loser,’ which broke his heart.” Do you think Bruce could take down his dragon wife in court and save his teenage daughters from sex tape fame?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet