Khloe Kardashian Posts Picture With North West (PHOTOS)

Khloe Kardashian Posts Picture With North West (PHOTOS)Khloe Kardashian borrowed her niece for a little bit and took a picture. Then the grieving and soon-to0-be-divorced victim posted the photo on Instagram. We really hope that everyone cleared this with the Genius or else we might see Kim Kardashian wearing an even bigger frown  when she is out on her next photo op.  You know Kanye West doesn’t go for that famewhoring unless he’s doing it with his perfect bitch.

Poor Khloe really seems to playing up her split with Lamar Odom, when she’s not out partying with rappers that is.  She loves posting these deeply meaningful pics and messages on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile it looks like Lamar is trying to get back with the Lakers.  He met with Laker execs to discuss coming back.  No word yet on if anything was signed.  Even Lamar’s barber is pulling for him to get on the team.  He tweeted on his twitter account, “Wish em the best of luck in his meeting wit the Lakers today.”

I guess the question is, will the Laker’s ignore all the stories of Lamar’s drug abuse and believe he can kick his habit without going to rehab.  If Lamar does get hired by the Lakers – I doubt it will be long before Khloe and Lamar are back together again.

Image Credit: Instagram & Twitter

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