Kim Kardashian Abused by Kanye West – Kris Jenner’s Leaks To Media Reported

Kim Kardashian Abused by Kanye West - Kris Jenner’s Leaks To Media Reported

It was only a matter of time before we started to hear some rumblings about Kanye West being abusive towards Kim Kardashian. I mean, he has a history of mistreating women and a few like Amber Rose, opted to talk about his violent nature.

Just because he bagged his perfect bitch that doesn’t mean Kanye is going to clean up his act and treat her any better. According to MediaTakeOut, Kris Jenner likes to leak some family tidbits to particular media outlets in order to try and control the press’s angle on things. That said, this week Kris wants the world to know that Kanye’s behavior around Kim is becoming completely unacceptable.


Since reuniting with Kim last week we have heard through various insiders that Kanye was furious at The Met Gala. Kim was wearing a Givenchy gown designed by his friend but then she had the dress ripped apart and altered until it was no longer recognizable. Kanye was furious that she took a piece of art and destroyed it. If everyone around the couple knew that he was furious can you imagine the heat that Kim took in private? A few days later while out in Beverly Hills the couple was walking into a restaurant and Kanye slammed headfirst into a street sign. His head was down as he tried to avoid being photographed when the accident occurred. Of course he flipped the hell out and every minute of it was caught on camera and then shared with the world.

Kanye clearly has anger issues and the Kardashian family is really worried about how he is treating Kim. They feel she might be better off with him in Paris and her here in the states alone with the baby. Even before these two public meltdown’s Kris had staged an intervention to try and get Kim to end things with Kim. Will she continue to desperately hang on to such a negative, angry douche bag? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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